Mobile operating system: Windows Mobile 6.5

By | July 11, 2009

Mobile operating system.

Mobile OS are also reffered as Handheld Operating system. It is a operating system which controls the mobile device. Their principal is similar to the operating systems like windows and Linux etc. These operating systems are a bit simpler than desktop operating system and they deal with wireless devices, multimedia devices and more similar technologies.

There are many challenges in the mobile operating systems as the new technology emerges every day and to cope with the users expectations. Open standards are mostly loves world wide.

Recently google has announced new mobile opearating system named Android. This operating system is Linux based open source. android

The main challenges towards the Mobile OS’es are to encorporte the following features:

Ø      24×7 connectivity between houses, vehicles and base stations like WIFI spots.

Ø      Interoperability of the device and applications.

Ø      Coping up with the ever changing mobile world.

Ø      Behavioral tracking using GPS.

Ø      Securely able to perform financial transactions such as Smartcards.

Most commonly found mobile operating systems are Windows mobile, Palm Web OS, Symbian, Linux familier,iphone and many more.

Lets explore one of the New operating system.

Windows Mobile 6.5: Microsoft has recently announced the new mobile operating system.It is actually latest version of the Mobile OS.This operating system will directly challenge Android, the Mobile operating system by google.


Some of its features are:

Ø      The OS resembles the touch controls.

Ø      A grand new interface, the icons can be moved with finger. The icons are in “Honeycomb” design. The display is in more ordered way.

Ø      The phone in a lock mode can show time, upcoming appointments and messages missed. (very similar to Android)

Ø      The phone can access the Windows Market place. Windows market place will be available to only windows phone.

Ø      Microsoft MYphone service is available which allows you to take backup for contacts, documents and photos, in case if your phone is lost. This service is free and allows to store 200 MB data.

Ø      It is also compatible to Windows 7 desktop operating system.