ASP.NET Website on a Dedicated Server

ASP.NET LogoASP.NET is an enterprise-class scripting framework that can be used for the development of highly scalable and functional web applications that can be hosted on Windows dedicated servers. As ASP.NET is a proprietary technology that has been developed by Microsoft, it is only available with the Windows operating system, although this does provide an array of advantages in terms of performance and features; as there is a close tie between the operating system and the framework, you can be assured more open access to core Windows features that can be used to improve how your web application handles specific tasks and the load that it places on system resources. A dedicated server can handle web applications that are used by thousands of visitors at the same time so combining this with a scripting framework that has been designed to make efficient use of system resources, your web applications won’t be prone to failure because of heavy usage and you should never see any high loads occurring on your dedicated server. Within the dedicated server hosting environment you can always take advantage of other tools such as Microsoft SQL Server that will give you a database backend that you can use with your ASP.NET web applications – this will be inherently important if you are going to be developing scalable and dynamic websites.

Versions of ASP.NET

There are several different versions of ASP.NET that have been released over the years and if you are looking to host an older website on a dedicated server then you will probably need to install an older version of ASP.NET so that your web application functions correctly. Luckily all versions of ASP.NET that have been released are able to work side-by-side on a dedicated server so that Windows web applications of all ages are able to share the same hosting environment. The current version of ASP.NET is 4.5 and this is the recommended framework for you to use if development new ASP.NET applications; older versions include 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 – you should look out for these when choosing any third-party ASP.NET application packages.

IIS Web Hosting

ASP.NET hosting services on a Windows dedicated server are provided by IIS as this is the web server application provided with the operating system and is therefore the only one of its kind capable of serving ASP.NET web pages to visitors. As IIS is also a proprietary application and the only web server with native ASP.NET support, you can be assured of complete compatibility between all of these technologies so that your Windows web applications will function to the best of their ability; furthermore, you can also make your own modifications to improve the efficiency of your website and IIS.

A dedicated server from can provide the perfect breeding ground for any new website because the resources provided will allow you to expand without any limitations. You can also develop your web applications using a number of other technologies and components that won’t be available in the Windows shared hosting environment because you can install any extra features that aren’t offered by default; this means that a Windows dedicated server will represent excellent value for money for all ASP.NET developers.

Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Developing a dynamic website can improve access speeds for your visitors and the way in which you manage your website because all content and configuration information can be stored in one central location that can be accessed from every page and script that is part of your application, as long as there is a connection to the database active. Microsoft SQL Server is a scalable database server solution that can be used for the hosting of databases that have thousands of queries to deal with every minute and underpins some of the busiest websites on the internet; when used in combination with ASP.NET, you can be assured that your web applications have the infrastructure in place that will be able to cope with increases in demand as the number of visitors that you receive improves. MSSQL will perform best when used in a dedicated server environment as you will be able to make a number of different modifications so that the database server functions with your applications in the way that you would like it to.

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