Add-Ons To Look for When Buying Web Hosting for Your Website?

New websites do have their own web hosting preferences while buying cheap web hosting services. Most of website owners would like to begin an online business using shared web hosting. It is easy to implement and has a lot of features that are extremely simple. A lot of people choose shared web hosting for this reason, while others prefer it for its cost-efficiency. 

Being a cheap web hosting service does not mean it has limited tools. In fact, quite the opposite. It provides great features, however, if you want to maximize your rewards from your hosting, you might want to look for add ons that boost the efficiency of your website. The add ons provide you with added tools that help with functionality. They can include security measures, SSL certificates, etc. 

What is web hosting?

Companies and people who want to have a web page or website online can use a web hosting service to accomplish that goal. Web hosting services help your online business with all the services and technologies their online website might need. Servers help with website storage or website hosting. Even users type in the never of your website, their device connected to that if the servers and the browser send the website to them.

Hosting plans allow you to purchase server space for your website. You can look into all the various web hosting services and plan to pick the best one, or you can follow the rest and start with shared hosting. If you’re wondering what shared hosting is, we’ve got you covered.

The definition of shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which several websites use the resources of a single server that include CPU, RAM and storage. The websites that are stored on these servers’ hardware are divided into partitions. So you can focus on your own work even though you share your hardware with a host of different people. When you are just beginning and have a limited budget, shared web hosting is a good cheap web hosting option to choose from.

Let’s explore the add-ons that can compliment your shared web hosting plan to boost web efficiency. Add-ons are offered as services beyond the vote hosting plan by your web hosting provider. There are several web hosting providers that offer these services free of cost as part of their package. Optional add-ons that you have to make the choice of buying, you can conduct thorough research and select the ones that you find are necessary to boost the performance of your website. Search for the add-ons your web host provides so that it is simpler to combine with your web server. 

Here are some of the most efficient add-ons that will amplify the performance of your website and make its management extremely easy and straightforward.

1. SSL certificate

An SSL certificate provides the identity of your website with authenticity and helps your connection become encrypted. Its full form is a secure sockets layer. It helps build an encrypted link that joins your website browser to that of the website server. All online businesses and enterprises should introduce an SSL certificate to their online website in order to keep their online transactions safe and ensure customer information remains confidential and secure.

2. Online web Security

Website security is one of the most vital factors to make sure that your website retains the trust of its customers. You can install an anti-malware that can scan and spot threats instantly. There are also tools that can preemptively identify malicious threats and work to avoid or resolve them automatically. You do not have to worry about the safety of your website and your sensitive data, which leaves you with plenty of time to focus on the core responsibilities of your business.

3. Automatic backup

Natural disasters or malicious attacks can cause data loss. Your backups are the ones who keep your online business from going under these circumstances. Once your website is hot and there is pandemonium, your first priority is to minimise downtime and get the website functional again as soon as possible. Hence, an add-on that creates a backup on a regular basis can help restore your website to the latest version without any hindrance.

4. Content delivery network

Several servers placed in different locations work simultaneously to deliver your online content at the fastest speed possible. A CDN helps send various internet data quickly including videos, HTML pages, images, stylesheets, etc. With the rise of social media and make sure like Netflix and Amazon, the need for CDNs is on a perpetual rise. 

5. Business email hosting

A free email service can be an extremely bad idea for your website. Your sensitive data can face threats of any through a free email account. If you want your customers to trust you, invest in an email that matches your domain. It communicates to your customers that you are a serious business that is in it for the long haul.


When you are increasing your choice of web hosting, you might want to take a look at the add-ons as well. They will optimise your website for busy performance and provide the best experience to good hold customers. It also ensures that your confidential data is protected. To get all of these benefits, research well and choose the add-ons properly.

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