Monthly Archives: November 2016

How IoT Technology will Impact Online Marketing

With the rise of Internet, many technological developments have taken place competing against each other. Virtual and augmented are fierce contenders, however, a bigger phenomenon is Internet of Things. With IoT, users are now having internet connected devices from refrigerators to thermostats. The technology of having connected devices everywhere is pretty exciting. Let’s see how… Read More »

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement for Images

The use of images on websites has increased drastically. Today, having good images is very important for effective Internet Marketing. Images for SEO purposes come later; initially images are necessary to accompany your content for your audience. Although to find good photos which go in sync with your content is also difficult. It is important… Read More »

Four Phases of Cloud Security

A captivating business model is offered by Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and that is why its adoption is increasing in all kinds of organizations. While implementing IaaS, whether it a hybrid cloud or public cloud strategy, one should comprehend the security challenges that can be encountered which can help them to overcome hurdles associated… Read More »