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cPanel Linux Shared Hosting with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Web hosting on the Linux platform is often the cheapest option for individuals and small businesses because a majority of Linux distributions and the applications that run on them are open source, therefore guaranteeing that you will never have to pay to use them. offers a competitive range of Linux shared web hosting services that have been developed around cPanel to offer a range of features that represent good value for money; furthermore, you will have full control of your own web hosting account as cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels available for Linux servers.

Open source applications provide greater room for expansion because developers are able to access the source code so that they can identify where performance improvements can be made as well as where hooks are available for them to develop their own plugins and modules to use. Although you may translate this to meaning that it is easier for hackers to discover holes in open source applications, updates and bug releases will be released on a regular basis as they are with commercial applications so that server administrators can be assured that there will never be any holes or hackers to exploit if they keep their servers updated on a regular basis.

At we recommend our affordable Linux shared web hosting plans to beginners because the enclosed environment offers a safe environment that new users can use to become accustomed to their web hosting environment. offers full support with all of our Linux shared web hosting plans so that we are able to meet our high uptime guarantee by monitoring our servers and network around the clock; furthermore, you can call on our 24×7 support team for assistance when you need it.

Web Hosting PHP MySQL

If developing a website for use in a Linux web hosting environment then the probability is that you are going to be using a PHP/MySQL-based solution so that you can develop a dynamic yet functional website. PHP is arguably the most popular scripting language used by web developers because of the functionality that it can offer, yet it is very easy to learn and become accustomed to; as well as providing a rich core of features, there is also numerous third-party plugins available that you can use to enhance the functionality of your web applications. MySQL is an open source database server and is ideal for scenarios where a scalable database solution is required for web applications that are going to be facing high demand. offers PHP and MySQL hosting as standard with all of our Linux shared web hosting packages so that no matter how much you spend on your cPanel hosting service, you will have access to the features required to manage your PHP and MySQL configurations. In a shared web hosting environment you aren’t going to have huge control over the functionality of PHP, but you will be provided with access to PHPMyAdmin so that you can manage the contents of your MySQL databases – the creation and management of MySQL databases is taken care of through the cPanel control panel.

PHP and MySQL can be used in a number of different ways to provide functionality to your website, such as:

  • Developing a member or login system will provide you with a way to password-protect certain areas of your website
  • You can create a dynamic website that pulls all of its content from a central database; this means that you can develop an entire Content Management System for your web application, which will reduce the amount of time that you will need to spend updating your content.

Reliable Shared Hosting aims to offer the most reliable shared web hosting services in India and we plan to keep to this using methods such as:

  • By hosting in our own data center that is located in Nashik, India, we are able to maintain an on-site presence 24×7 so that any issues discovered can be rectified immediately
  • Fully managed web hosting plans enable us to offer assistance to all of our hosting customers so that they are able to get their websites up and running in their web space without delay
  • The use of high-end dedicated servers and Cisco equipment throughout our network provides the assurance that downtime because of hardware failure is pretty much impossible.

How To Install cPanel On Your VPS Hosting Account?

November 28th, 2011 Comments off

With growing demand for web hosting resources, there are a number webmasters opting for cheap VPS Hosting solutions which is renowned for its higher reliability compared to shared hosting and lower cost than the most expensive Dedicated Server Hosting.

Here I would like to share the steps required for the installation of cPanel on a VPS type of web hosting services account. If you want to install the licensed version then you need to pay for it ( provides it for $ 9 / month) and if you are just installing a trial pack then it is available at for free of cost.

Follow these steps to install cPanel on your VPS Hosting account.

First Login to your VZMC

Now create a new VPS with the Sample Ve Config call vps.cpanel

Here you will be able to choose the IP addresses which can be used for that virtual private server and DNS servers.

Now Select RedHat Enterprise Template (not minimal)

You do not need any addon for a cPanel so don’t select any of it.

Now select the resources (space, RAM, CPU) and other required stuff for your VPS

Keep start on boot and the remaining of the normal stuff also remember to use unlimited Vps.

Move to Ev1 member’s section and open a ticket with your IP and root password, by doing this you request your ev1 to enter your VPS register in up2date.

Now move to SSH and follow the below given steps

mkdir /home/cpins

cd /home/cpins


sh latest

And here you have finished the installation of cPanel.

Role of Control Panels In VPS Hosting

January 21st, 2011 Comments off

For controlling a account and making the administration easy one it is necessary to add a control panel on VPS Hosting servers. With addition of a control panel one can look after all websites which are hosted on a VPS Hosting server. There are few control panels available for both Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting. I would like to describe best five of them in brief.

Plesk Panel

As a VPS control panel, Plesk Panel is known to be the best control panle because it can manage any number of plesk VPS servers by using a single interface, many users claims it as a fastest control panel and fully featured with controls.

cPanel / WHM

cPanel which is known a short form of control panel in web hosting industry is one of the most popular control panel type which is also capable of scaling and transferring multiple information among accounts of a VPS server.

Small Business Panel

This type of control panel has a reputation of being able to install applications with a single click from libraries, blogs, cms packages and e-commerce suites. One more specialty this type of control panels has is, you can set multiple level of control for different users. This is most suitable control panel for ‘Reseller Businessmen and Corporate business users’.

Helm Control Panel

This is the best control panel for Windows VPS accounts because it enables the uploading process easy through control panel. Furthermore Helm control panel also has features like high security level and easy file handling.

HSP Complete

This control panel is wel-known for its simplicity and user-friendliness that’s why it suites to newbies. New people can learn and handle it very quickly. It is also fast and reliable for VPS Hosting clients.

All above mentioned control panels are easily available in both Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS Hosting.

Spam Assassin : Fight against Spams

December 6th, 2010 Comments off


You are receiving too many spam emails in your mailbox, we would recommend you to consider enabling Spam Assassin through your cPanel control panel provided by your Web Hosting Service Provider. Steps to enable Spam Assassin are mentioned below:

cPanel -> Mail -> SpamAssassin -> Enable SpamAssassin

Spam Assassin is one of the applications available to automatically filter mails using a broad range of heuristic algorithms on email headers and message body to filter Spam emails. With capabilities to eliminate almost or more than 98% of all Spam emails, it is has proved to become a powerful application to fight agaist spams. Peformace of Spam Assassin can differ based on individual configuration, which are tunable by website owners. Once the identification process is complete, the email is tagged as Spam for later filteration using the user’s desktop mail client.
Custom filters can also be added to improve the functionality of Spam Assassin.

RVSitebuilder : Website Builder Application

November 19th, 2010 Comments off

RVSitebuilder is an user friendly application developed to build websites. This website building tool is a convenient and useful software application for all cPanel users and resellers. Being an experienced graphic designer is not at all important to utilize the software. There is no necessity to be acquainted with pre-designed templates or how to customize an already created one. In their effort to build a user community all around the world, the software tool is accessible in many languages. Another great feature is the fact you can use RVSitebuilder with cPanel and not just RvSkin.

If you are using a cPanel reseller program, you become entitled to using RVSitebuilder for free. This strong advantage can be used as leverage with future customers, but is also a perfect compliment to personal, individual website creations. Its time to forget the complicated, expensive designs and get acquainted to easy to use applications. Your reseller business just gets easier because this has been integrated with a free domain reseller account, free billing tools and software, and script installation tools.

RVSitebuilder will build a personal, customized website in only minutes skipping the complications and expenses. Start with a pre-designed template and build on by adding the ready-made features. Customize and change features as time allows. Adding gadgets and features is not at all a time consuming tack with RVSitebuilder.

The guiding tool walks you through the entire process step by step with a navigator. Start your website with a business or company name and website title. Next, you have the option of uploading your personal logo. Also, guidance is available through template choices, page structure management, and adding extra components, services, and gadgets. Preview feature lets you preview your website before publishing it.

You can choose from many templates that are already available suiting your requirements, or you could upload your own unique template to make sure no other user can claim your design. Creation of blogs, guestbooks, newsletters and photo albums is quite easy with RVSitebuilder.

FTP Manager

August 1st, 2009 Comments off

To take advantage of the FTP which is lying behind the fast and easy transfer of files over the internet, and as  the transfer over the internet is growing like a fire there exist a need to have some important things at hand, A FTP Client and an active FTP account.

Through this FTP Client tool the users will connect to the server, this connection is a real time connection. When the user tries to connect to the server through the Client tool the FTP account checks if the user which is trying to connect is having the authorization for that. If the FTP account allows to connect then the user can download or Upload the data from/to the server. This administration of the FTP accounts is executed through Specific FTP manager software.

The FTP area is responsible to deal with the tools that relates to set up and manage the FTP accounts, it manages the FTP sessions as well. FTP is a File transfer Protocol method by which you can transfer the files between computers, usually used over the internet. There is a large amount of information stored on the FTP servers, which can be accessed only through FTP.


You can use any software package for FTP. Many browser include some of its features as built in. for eg Internet Explorer. Many special  FTP applications are available such as CuteFTP, WS_FTP).

Cpanel allows you to set up FTP accounts so that many users can access a restricted part of the system. Cpanel comes with almost all good hosting packages. If the user is not authenticated or doesn’t have a right to access the full functionality on FTP server, he can use the anonymous FTP account to use the restricted part of the system. This Anonymous can be set up through Cpanel.

What is Fantastico?

July 4th, 2009 Comments off

Fantastico Scripts are executed when websites are created, or when new application is added to an existing website. Actually it is a system which is designed to install scripts easily. The biggest advantage is that it integrates with the popularly used Cpanel which offers hosting customers variety of things which include installation of popular programs and scripts with ease of a just single click on a button.

The scripts that Fantastico installs creates tables in databases, installs softwares, modifies permissions and configuration files too. It normally targets Open source softwares, it also installs some proprietary softwares. More than Fifty applications are associated with Fantastico

Fantastico is a program which is developed keeping non-technical user in consideration, while more technical person showed interest in it who dont wish to waste time manually configuring many installation.It can be great a choice when you think of  nistalling something like blog. It supports WordPress and Nucleus.

Fantastico is included freely in Hosting packages for the custmers.Cutomers love the variety of software available with Fantastico. It is availabe with Linux Hosting packages only.

You can not expect a disadvantage from such a wonderfull software,however lets face it.

Customers depend upon the hosting provider and the Fantastico makers to update the Scripts collection on a periodic basis.Due to ths reason some scripts run Out of date or open to exploits,however the customers need not worry.

Customers should just contact support and request for the latest stable version of fantastico.

Benefits Of Cpanel Hosting.

July 3rd, 2009 Comments off

cPanel is a tool which helps you to manage your web hosting account through a web interface. With this interface you are able to perform your tasks faster the main thing is you don’t even need a professional knowledge.Cpanel is a cheap hosting panel for Linux web hosting and managed dedicated servers hosting

cPanel is graphical control panel which makes the administration tasks for a website easy. It can handle all consents regarding a website administration.

cPanel is compatible with number of linux flavors such as SUSE, Fedora, Mandriva, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and caos.

Capnel can take care of some software packages seperately. It can apply upgrades to Apache, MySQL, PHP automatically.

You can make changes according to your requirements.

You get a very friendly Web based graphical interface for adding parked domains, webmails, adding email account, monitoring bandwidth etc.

It allows you to take entire back-up of your website, web directories, cron jobs, configuring http redirects and custom error pages and many more.

You also get Fantastico through which you can install lot of ready to use free scripts.

Using Cpanel you need not hit hundreds of Linux commands. you can concentrate on your business than your server administration.

Cpanel hosting is available at cheapest price.

With cpanel hosting you are able to promote your site as well.