What is Fantastico?

By | July 4, 2009

Fantastico Scripts are executed when websites are created, or when new application is added to an existing website. Actually it is a system which is designed to install scripts easily. The biggest advantage is that it integrates with the popularly used Cpanel which offers hosting customers variety of things which include installation of popular programs and scripts with ease of a just single click on a button.

The scripts that Fantastico installs creates tables in databases, installs softwares, modifies permissions and configuration files too. It normally targets Open source softwares, it also installs some proprietary softwares. More than Fifty applications are associated with Fantastico

Fantastico is a program which is developed keeping non-technical user in consideration, while more technical person showed interest in it who dont wish to waste time manually configuring many installation.It can be great a choice when you think of  nistalling something like blog. It supports WordPress and Nucleus.

Fantastico is included freely in Hosting packages for the custmers.Cutomers love the variety of software available with Fantastico. It is availabe with Linux Hosting packages only.

You can not expect a disadvantage from such a wonderfull software,however lets face it.

Customers depend upon the hosting provider and the Fantastico makers to update the Scripts collection on a periodic basis.Due to ths reason some scripts run Out of date or open to exploits,however the customers need not worry.

Customers should just contact support and request for the latest stable version of fantastico.