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PNG – Better Replacement For GIF?

February 25th, 2011 Comments off

PNG which stands for Portable network Graphics is widely used and popular format of images. Though it had few major cons like it is not supported by all the browsers, with the latest compatible browsers it is becoming more and more popular. PNG is treated as a more advanced version of the GIF format with lot of improvement. The PNG image in a lossless possibly has 5% to 25% more compression than the GIF format of the same image. Transparency is the main idea behind a PNG format which is not possible with GIF up to that level. The only major disadvantage a PNG has is lack animation.

Following are major features of PNG format.

  • Improved Indexation – color images of up to 256 colors.

  • Streaming – It is possible to read and write PNG file in a serial order so that file format can be used as a communicating protocol.

  • Progressive display – It is possible to display an PNG image as it is received as a communication link while interacting. It is shown as yielded image with the lower resolution at the start and then the original one with original specifications.

  • Transparency – As discussed in the starting of this post a PNG image can be marked as a transparent one by creating effect.

  • Truecolor and Grayscale images – PNG supports up to 48 bits for truecolor images and up to 16 bits for grayscale images.

  • Ancillary information – It is possible to store textual comments and other type of data withing a PNG file.

  • Good replacement for GIF – PNG has covered lot drawbacks of GIF format like more effective 100% lossless compression, legally unencumbered, more reliable, straightforward detection of file corruption, full alpha channel.

Why phpBB board is so popular?

February 25th, 2011 Comments off

Following are the features available in phpBB board making it one of the most popular board for forums owners.

  • Availability of various font styles and multiple sizes which are compatible for many quoting styles, codes, inserting images and automatically converting the URLs in to links.
  • Standard and extended BBCode tags and limited HTML tags are supported in phpBB boards.
  • Participant can conduct polls with multiple options in the posts and can view the public opinion on specific subjects.
  • Notifications through emails can be send whenever anyone replies to a post.
  • Topic subscription is possible in more effective to know each update over it.
  • Emotions can be from original to portray.
  • Default search facility with many search options available.
  • Private messages can be sent as emails to other members of the board.
  • Multiple types of avatars like local, remote and uploadable are supported on board.
  • Topic edition is possible after posting.
  • Post can be deleted, moved, locked and unlocked for administration and moderation purpose.
  • Topic can be divided in parts.

Is It Worth Using Google Wave Still?

February 22nd, 2011 Comments off

When launched, people had said many things in praise of Google Wave, as it made it possible to use many features like communication, e-mailing, messaging, multimedia management and document sharing throughout a single online tool. To dominate the other giants like Facebook and Twitter Google attempted to start a similar service attached with G-Mail and as it was providing all the features as real time it really get high exposure. Integration with wiki, blogging provide a big push for getting popular. It really become a great tool for project collaboration but as time passed people ignore using this tool. I found following some reasons for the reduction in the popularity of this tool.

Google Wave

Google Wave

Mixed up conversation – As a group of many people is communicating in real time, this created a lot of mix up when communication carried by large groups

Not easy for everyone – People who are not so much tech savvy getting it hard to use Google wave and this made it unpopular among them.

Complexity due to various platforms – Google wave can be operated from various platforms which created complexity among various users.

Haven For Spammers – Spammers started to use it for their spamming activities as anybody can add to anybody and wave at him / her. This gave a huge opportunity to spammers for their spamming activities.

How Hackers Do That?

February 17th, 2011 Comments off

Number of cases are rising of hacking a web hosting accounts and websites. Though Hackers loves blogs more than websites as they are easier then the websites for getting hacked. The word hacking describe the unauthorized and unwanted entries in a private network or computer which mostly work as a web server and capturing its most possible controls and functions. The main strength of any hacker is the lack of webmaster’s knowledge about the latest technologies and tools and how they works.

Emails are the mostly used as a hacking attempt starting process. Webmasters receives emails which includes requests of software installation or certain types of plug ins and this all is provided at fully free of cost. According to human tendency of acquiring free things webmasters get attracted quickly towards such emails. These type of free programs are specially constructed with the ability of spying the activities done by you and controlling the networks.

To avoid such attacks a webmaster need to be always aware of the up-gradation of standard softwares installed on his servers. Older versions of security softwares possibly may include few exceptions of errors and bugs which are unable to prevent your website hosting servers from external attacks. Hackers are capable of studying these security systems and using the drawbacks of those ones. Always make sure to do not click on the links of unknown emails which claims suspicious free stuff for free from a fishy site. Though search engines are always blocking such sites but its not an easy task to always track such sites with surety. Never upload any file which you collected from a unknown source and never found anyone else using it ever before, such files comes with an inbuilt scripts which are capable of automatic installation of programs and spread itself throughout the network.

Usage of short and weak passwords as they are easy to remember but it is another big reason for getting a web hosting account getting hacked. As all of us know what are the characteristics of good passwords so never take it easily while using a password.

E-Commerce websites are most likely to be on the target of hackers because they always deals with money transactions. Such websites should be checked by setting up regular maintenance schedule on hourly basis which can be effective to keep hackers away from web hosting accounts and web servers.

An Overview of GIF Image Format.

February 14th, 2011 Comments off

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), a very popular bitmap format of images due to its portability and wide supportability. GIF format has the ability to allow a unique image to use 256 distinct colors which are selected from 24-bit RGB color space, 8 bits are supported for each pixel in this format, but the more special thing about this format is it supports to animation and allows multiple palettes of 256 colors in each frame. Due to having ability to animate a image GIF is most widely used and most suitable for small graphics and professional logos.

GIF uses lossless compression technique which supports only 256 colors and this differentiate it from the JPG. In lossless techniques by adoption of data compression technique there is no data lost, which maintain the quality of image as original. PKZIP is the well-known compression technique of lossless compression. Maximum space reduced can be up to 50 % only in any other lossless compression technique. If one want more compression to reduce more size then lossy compression technique is recommended for it, but on the other side lossy compression technique can be tolerated by cetain types of files like graphics, audio and video. Hence lossless technique is more effective than lossy in terms of quality maintenance of any file. This difference in two types of compression techniques also differs the GIF format from JPG format because lossy compression is used in JPG type format. Animation editor makes it possible to put together a GIF image as a animated image, further more it can be also supportable for image transparency which is an important aspect from designing point of view. Unisys is the company which owns the compression algorithms of GIF format hence one need to license from them to use it.

An Overview of JPEG or JPG.

February 4th, 2011 Comments off

Here is the discussion going on about the most commonly used graphics formats and difference among them. These formats makes a huge difference in appearance of an object on a screen hens need to be selected very carefully while design a website.

The full form of the JPEG/JPG format is Photographic Experts Group, and it is one of most used format of a image file through out the web. It is a technique which involves compression of color and grayscale continuous-tone images. Many people call it as a lossy compression. If studied deeply one can know that lossy compression is based on contraction of data by removing unwanted information. As JPEG is widely used in case of images, similarly MPEG is used with the same technique in Video formats. In short the compression is carried by removing data up to certain level where human eyes can not detect the difference due to removal of few part of that particular image or video. JPG format supports to about 16 millions colors are best suitable for photographic use. One need to watch the image very closely or the zoom in the picture to get noticed about inferiority came due to such compression. User has to compromise on quality when imaged is to be shown in larger size, line drawing, lettering, clarity and sharpness of the border part of an object is affected little bit. Despite having these few drawbacks JPG is the most widely used default image format in scanners, cameras and on Internet also.

An Overview Of PHP And PHP Hosting Solutions

February 3rd, 2011 Comments off

PHP has a reputation of being one of the best scripting language which can be used either on a web server or can be used to write various scripts to help programmers so that they can create interactive webpages. PHP plays an important role to make a webpage with great features and more dynamic. This is an open source product and can be easily supportive for HTML embedding hence it becomes very easy to make not only static pages but also dynamic web pages. PHP website hosting is also based on same platform which adds PHP code as a output to HTML pages as a destination.

Here are some highlights of PHP website hosting

  • Direct compilation of the scripts of webpages without any external tools.

  • The PHP Web pages effects will only be visible to the viewer of the website if the host has PHP. If the host does not have PHP, the website will be loaded with errors and might not function properly.

  • PHP is supportive for the connectivity with various type of databases.

  • Its easy to learn php quickly and as it is an open source solutions for programming bugs are available widely and easily which are invented by other users.

  • With the usage of PHP a visitor can personalize a webpage in better way by storing cookies and remembering passwords and usernames. These type of things impress a visitor as he feels easy to surf through website and need to not to enter details each time.

A web hosting provider should take various factors in to account such as compatibility issue of old and new versions of PHP, Though PHP hosting comes under one of the cheapest hosting options including cPanel Hosting or Linux Hosting, a client need to clarify the details about the modules used in PHP scripts and another future enhancement wished by hosting client. Adopting PHP scripts with combination of languages and proper synchronization and back-end as MySQL produces one of the best results for a webmaster.