An Overview of JPEG or JPG.

Here is the discussion going on about the most commonly used graphics formats and difference among them. These formats makes a huge difference in appearance of an object on a screen hens need to be selected very carefully while design a website.

The full form of the JPEG/JPG format is Photographic Experts Group, and it is one of most used format of a image file through out the web. It is a technique which involves compression of color and grayscale continuous-tone images. Many people call it as a lossy compression. If studied deeply one can know that lossy compression is based on contraction of data by removing unwanted information. As JPEG is widely used in case of images, similarly MPEG is used with the same technique in Video formats. In short the compression is carried by removing data up to certain level where human eyes can not detect the difference due to removal of few part of that particular image or video. JPG format supports to about 16 millions colors are best suitable for photographic use. One need to watch the image very closely or the zoom in the picture to get noticed about inferiority came due to such compression. User has to compromise on quality when imaged is to be shown in larger size, line drawing, lettering, clarity and sharpness of the border part of an object is affected little bit. Despite having these few drawbacks JPG is the most widely used default image format in scanners, cameras and on Internet also.

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