When MySQL fails, it gives Errcode: 30

In this post, we will discuss the problems that occur when MySQL fails to start, resulting in the display of Errcode: 30.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is primarily a structured query language used to access and manage databases. It functions as a computer language for storing and retrieving data from relational databases.

Why Does MySQL Fail to Start and Display Errcode: 30?

When trying to reinstall MySQL via WHM or your server’s command-line interface, you may receive the following error message: Error code: 30 indicates a read-only file system.

Description: When starting a service, an error message displays, indicating that the file system is in read-only mode.

Workaround: To fix this, remount the drive and allow both read and write operations. Before mounting the drive, check /var/log/messages for any indications of disk problems and run a smart scan.

How to Determine File System Errors as the Cause of the Problem

To check and remount mounts, use the mount command: mount -o remount,rw .

We hope you now have a good idea of how to resolve the issue when MySQL fails to start with Errcode 30. If you have any problems with the above procedure, please contact the host.co.in Team for proactive 24×7 assistance.