What is CMS (Content Management System)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application using which you can conveniently create and manage dynamic web content A Content Management System divides the different parts of a website like content, design, and unctionality, and thus provides an easier platform for website management. While using a CMS application, you can easily distribute the responsibilities of managing different sections of your website to different people.

For instance, technical people can only work on the site’s looks and design, and also give appropriate time to the functionality of the website. While on the other hand, you have the non-technical staff working on the content of the website which is again an important aspect and a time-consuming one. You would not want any errors, and still, get the work done with professional assistance provided by the Content Management System.

Most CMS applications come with built-in tools which take care of most of your tasks. Using a CMS you can change the content or the design of the website conveniently at any time. Different CMS applications can be used with your web hosting plans like Mambo, Joomla, PostNuke, PHPNuke, and The most useful aspect of using a CMS is that you don’t need to be equipped with any programming skills to use it and create your website.