What Are The Features Of HostBill?

HostBill is one of the most preferred billing software for Reseller Hosting Business and the following are some Key Features of HostBill(Billing Software For Web Hosting Resellers).

Easy Management of Hosting Accounts
You can create, suspend, resume and terminate accounts easily.

Easy Management of Domains
You can manage domains (incl. Client Area domain management) easily over a reseller hosting account through Hostbill provided with Host.co.in Reseller Hosting Services.

Integration With Domain Registrars
Hostbill supports integration with various popular domain registrars like Enom, Nominet, etc.

Support to Multiple Payment Gateways
Hostbill supports multiple most widely used payment gateways like PayPal, Cybersource, 2CO, Google Checkout,  LibertyReserve, etc. This will provide multiple options to a reseller to receive payments from his clients.

Invoice customization
A reseller can create the templates of invoices as per his requirements. These templates will allow him to create customized and professional invoices with different requirements.

Customized Billing Cycles
A reseller can create Multiple Billing Cycles of various durations based on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, Annually, etc.

Enhanced Client Support & Management
Clients can directly submit support tickets in Hostbill either from the client portal or by sending an email. Resellers can fetch multiple emails from multiple mailboxes using forwarding or downloading emails.

For maintaining high-security levels with Hostbill, a Reseller can set rules to filter access to his admin area.