Web Hosting Providers in India, UK, and the US

There are many web hosting providers in India, UK & US. However, one can choose a fully managed dedicated server from Host.co.in.

We provide our clients with the ultimate level of control over the servers. The advantage of having a fully managed dedicated server is that you don’t have to worry about the tasks involved in operating the server such as applying security patches, backups, a compilation of the tools you need, and server monitoring, as we take care of all these aspects.

We at Host.co.in provide branded server hardware from Dell Computers, so you can avail the fastest servers with genuine hardware for your websites. With a dedicated server, you will have full administrative access, which enables you to add, install and run custom software/applications to meet your individual needs.

Q. What are the Applications/Programs you can run on a dedicated server?

As a customer, you can run any applications/programs of your choice on your dedicated server. But, of course, you will need to respect the Terms of Service set by our company. You can use your dedicated server for whatever you like.

It may be for developing websites for other people, hosting your business website, reselling hosting, or even setting up an online store(E-commerce). The thing which has to be clear is that we do not offer support for the applications/programs installed by the user on our servers, we only provide support for the applications we supply with the server.

If you are interested in a fully managed Host.co.in the dedicated server, you are welcome to contact our sales department for a quote based on your specific needs. We operate 24×7×365, so individuals from anytime zone can get in touch with us, at their convenience.