Microsoft Hyper-V-based VPS Hosting

It is always our constant endeavor to deliver the best of the technologies, offer true value for money, and provide you with one-kind services. We have proudly launched our new range of Windows Virtual Private Servers which is powered by Microsoft’s latest virtualization platform called Hyper V. Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based server virtualization technology, that provides a reliable and highly available server virtualization platform.

Hyper V VPS technology offers you the control and performance of a Windows 2008 dedicated server within your budget. It performs and behaves exactly like a stand-alone dedicated server for both users and applications. Therefore, hyper-v vps is the best option for those who are looking for a dedicated server at a low cost. We set up Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers on Powerful Dual Quad Core Xeon servers to get optimal performance for your VPS.

Upgrading the current VPS plan to Hyper V VPS is fairly simple. Customers who invest in the format used by Virtual Server(.vhd file format), as well as a multitude of vendor licensees, will have a clear path forward to Hyper-V. Customers can influence V2V capabilities in System Center Virtual Machine Manager to smoothly migrate from Virtual Server or VMware to Hyper-V or work with Microsoft’s partners who provide migration solutions.

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