MediaWiki Web Hosting

Do you support MediaWiki Hosting?

Yes, we support MediaWiki web hosting on all our packages. MediaWiki being PHP MySQL based is supported by all our servers as PHP and MySQL are available by default on our servers. Both our Linux Web Hosting packages and Windows Web Hosting Packages support MediaWiki Hosting.

MediaWiki is one of the very famous server-based applications available for users. MediaWiki is being licensed for free under the GNU General Public License. MediaWiki is mostly preferred by big websites with increasing traffic and users.

MediaWiki provides an effective and scalable platform using PHP as the front end and MySQL to display the stored data. It is very convenient to use MediaWiki, you don’t require to have a technical background for using MediaWiki.

MediaWiki is geared up with powerful features and functionalities with easy-to-install capability. Powerful navigational support and search functions make it an ideal choice for users. Audio files and videos or visual effects can be easily integrated with your website using MediaWiki. Installation and activation would not take much of your time.

MediaWiki Web Hosting provides a platform for users to use a user-friendly control panel, various tools, reliable servers, and all this is continuously supported by our 24×7 technical support via live chat, email, and phone.

Our technically knowledgeable support staff has great experience in providing you with continuous support. Installation of MediaWiki for free with additional free recourses comes to you at a cheap and affordable price.