Managing the Domain Forwarding Service

Configuring the destination URL for the domain name can be accomplished by following the below-mentioned method:

  1. Look for the domain name after logging in to your control panel and then go to the domain forwarding service option.
  2. Now, choose the manage domain forwarding option.
  3. To insert a new domain forwarding entry, select add a new link.
  4. In the text boxes provided, type the destination URL and, if necessary, the sub-domain prefix. This could take the form of,,,, etc. From the drop-down option, you can select either the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  5. Now, click on save.
  6. To add more entries and specify different destination URLs for various sub-domains of the primary domain, click the Add New link.

The older item will be replaced with the newly added destination URL when a new entry is created for a previously entered sub-domain.

Once a sub-domain prefix is added, it cannot be changed for an entry. The entry must be removed, then a new one must be added.

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