How To Create A Sitemap For A Website?

Sitemaps are known as an important part of every website as they contain navigation instructions for a website. One should have write access to create a Sitemap as he needs to do it by using ‘Create Site Map’ which resides in Visual SourceSafe.

Whenever the ‘Create Site Map’ command is run, a new Sitemap file(HTML 2.0 tags) is created. So when you want to customize the Sitemap file next time you will have to take a backup by saving a copy of the existing Sitemap file to another location. It is necessary to use unique and descriptive strings which are known as good characteristics of a Sitemap file.

Following is the procedure to create a Sitemap.

Open a Web project in Visual SourceSafe Explorer.

  • Go to Web menu and click on ‘Create Site Map’
  • You will see ‘Create Site Map for’ dialog box here, use ‘To’ box to specify ‘Sitemap’ file. You can also click Browse to locate a file to specify.
  • Select the check box ‘Check in to Visual SourceSafe’.
  • Click on ‘OK’. The specified Sitemap is created and added in to the database of particular website.
  • In the future you can customize and navigate this Sitemap.