Features of WHM (Web Host Manager)

Different features provided in WHM can be seen here which are used to manage many things like software, web hosting accounts, and IPs on your servers

  • Server Configuration — After accessing WHM you come at the start-up wizard, this is expected to be configured properly on your server on your server. Its possible to change any of the configuration options by entering in to Server Configuration icon.
  • Networking Setup — This section is be used to configure your server to suit the Internet environment.
  • Security Center — To raise your server’s security level with this function is useful. Fixing any issues with CGI, SSH keys and SUEXEC can be done from her.
  • Support — The Determination of the contact made by your clients to your support is done by using this function.
  • Server Contacts — The procedure of contacting server’s administrator (who is generally you) can be found here.
  • Resellers — The details about the accounts of your Reseller hosting customers can be seen here, you can also utilize this function to create new reseller hosting accounts and configure the existing reseller account from here.
  • Service Configuration — This service mostly run as daemons in the background of a web server. Because of this feature you can configure number of services. One more ‘d’ character is added when this process takes place.
  • Locales — Many options for managing an application’s locals is possible because of this feature. This is a new language system of cPanel and WHM.
  • Backup — As we know how important backups are for web hosting services and cPanel hosting customers, to create and maintain backups of server configuration and content is possible with the Backup feature provided in WHM. Scheduling automatic backups is also possible with this feature.