Commands For Performing Pingchecks In Windows And Linux

On certain occasions when Internet connection is lost then there are different possibilities of disconnection, If we want to check out our LAN (Local Area Network) then we need to perform a ping check to our local assigned IP if it responds then there is nothing wrong with the LAN connection or settings.

One of the next remaining possibilities is checking that particular domain, if it does not respond then there are two possibilities, Either the ISP where the domain is hosted has suffered downtime or there is an issue with our own ISP connection.

For investigating furthermore we need to perform a ping check for the other domain and if it responds then there is nothing wrong with our ISP connection and the only remained possibility is that there is something wrong with the ISP of the domain hosted place. As Servers are hosted on two main platforms ‘Windows Shared Hosting and Linux Shared Hosting‘ I would like to share the following Pingcheck procedures for both Windows and Linux.

For Windows

Start Menu >> Click Run

In Run Window type the command ‘cmd’ and hit the enter key.

Command prompt window will open where you need to type the following

For checking LAN connection ”ping IP Address”

For checking ISP connection “ping”

For Linux

Accessaries >> Terminal Window, this will open a terminal window where you need to type these command

‘ping’ or ‘ping IP address