CGI Software And Paths For It

CGI stands for ‘Common Gateway Interface’ Programs which run from the cgi-bin directory to show the information who is accessing the script are CGI Scripts. The common languages used to write these CGI scripts are Perl, PHP and C. Apart from this these scripts can also be written in plain text. In some cases, some scripts need compilation which makes them suitable to be read by machines or computers.

The number of problems that may take place in scripts is very large which makes it impossible to provide support for any new script or the script which is already installed. If one could not find out the problem in the script of his own then he can take help from the available community and groups who are related to scripting, there are many examples of solutions found as each member of this community has his own experience with the script. It is essential to learn a few Unix, Telnet, and FTP terms before starting the installation of scripts.

Following are the paths to the general server resources required by CGI scripts.

Sendmail:                    /usr/sbin/sendmail/

Perl:                             /usr/bin/perl/

Date:                            /bin/date/

Java:                            /usr/local/java/

Python:                        /usr/local/bin/python/

Root Web Directory:   /var/www/html/

Cgi-bin path:               /var/www/cgi-bin/