An Overview Of Cluster Servers

As many of us know that if we lost any important application on a normal server, what happens? The server goes down making the websites inaccessible residing over it. Server clustering is a technology that creates a group of multiple servers which are running independently but act as a single system, mostly on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, or Windows Server 2003, Data-center Edition. Whenever one of these servers fails all workload and resources required for keeping the server running are transferred to another server included in that particular cluster.

Having the ability to work with each other’s support this clustering technology provides a higher level of services and is redundant to its clients. The inconvenience due to server failure does not have a place at all because other servers within the cluster carry out the job of the server failure.

TheĀ website hosting companies and website hosting clients both have a huge advantage of this technology as, uptime-guarantee, security level, and data redundancy are get improved on a maximum level with this technology.