Why Tech Startups Need Cloud from the Outset

By | December 8, 2021

Cloud computing has ushered in a new era of doing business in today’s technological industry, especially for startups. The majority of startups have chosen the cloud to help operate their business. In fact, they adopt the cloud infrastructure right from the founding stage. There are several businesses in recent times that have seen a substantial amount of growth and revolution with the help of the cloud. It also brings to the table huge amounts of security, flexibility, and dexterity.

Startups have the luxury of choosing cloud hosting that provides utmost cybersecurity, which is a different point of view as compared to businesses that are already established and are huge as they have to go through double the efforts to reconcile the older system with newer technologies.

In order to bring these aspects to reality, startups are taking advantage of the various pros that come along with embracing the best cloud server hosting in India. With cloud computing, security is at the forefront instead of a secondary objective. The entire infrastructure built around this objective.

1. Offshore equipment

Cloud solutions are perfect to take care of the particular needs of startups that do not have enough money or space to house actual servers or set up their own data canter. Since the pandemic has highlighted the efficiency and importance of virtual work, certain businesses might have no office spaces at all. Cloud solutions mean that you don’t need huge pieces of equipment. All you require is a normal device like a smartphone or tablet.

2. Security

One of the elements startups need to focus on big time is security. This includes businesses of all types and sizes. A security issue can do irreparable damage to a startup in terms of their reputation in the market plus their relationship with their customer base. It could also have a significant impact on the relationships with companies that do business with them. As there are continuous reports of a spike in cyber-attacks, startups should focus on security in all aspects of their set up from the basic aspects right up to the most crucial tasks.

3. Stability 

After you’ve got optimum security in place, you can hugely benefit from the stability the cloud provides with access to information in real-time and have all of your data safe in a backup ready to be retrieved if things ever go south. Cloud platforms provide the maximum amount of uptime. Physical servers cannot guarantee the same. Plus they need frequent maintenance and can have failed in a spectacular way that could cause you to lose your data forever.

4. Extremely cost-effective

There are several other benefits that you get with cloud computing along with its infrastructure. Cloud provides you with a system where you pay for the resources you use and when you use them, which gives you flexibility and saves you money in the long term. This is possible because the cloud allows you an infinite amount of scalability. So you can expand the number of resources you need at a moment’s notice. This includes bandwidth, storage space, RAM, or CPU. Whenever you need them, they are here for you.

It provides startups with 2 crucial advantages. To begin with, there is the requirement of merely paying for additional resources only when you have to utilize them. There is no need to upgrade your entire package for a huge chunk of the future. If you don’t require your extra resources, you can cut it off and scale down without any problem. This helps you save money and helps you control your budget better. 

The next advantage includes the dexterity that includes having an infinite amount of resources at your fingertips whenever you might need them. So you don’t have to be wary of an increase in demands that you haven’t anticipated. As you will always have the capacity to accommodate them. Attempting to do this in-house would demand the need for added hardware that would make a sizeable dent in your budget and make it redundant. 

5. New technological access

The cloud systems regularly updated as well as upgraded by the providers. This helps provide the latest technologies to your startup business without the need for continual investment in them and getting rid of the versions that were present initially. Upgrades being included without you being required to shell out more money means that you use the money that you have used elsewhere.


Being aware of the best cloud hosting in India has shifted the tide in favor of cloud hosting for all business startups. Cloud infrastructure can provide great support to startups and it also helps curb cost that is usually spent on scaling projects, boosting security, and much more. Cloud has become a widely accepted hosting choice across the globe.