Why Is Dedicated VPN Server a Better Choice?


Since the inception of the online world, privacy has been a concern for multiple users. The increase in the invasion of privacy has added more to the constant worry of these users. Ultimately, web users are now more cautious about their online activity than ever before.

In fact, one has no idea what kind of information could be leaked to the internet service provider or unknown third parties.

Inevitably, this led to technological advancements like VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). VPN is becoming popular all over the world.

Despite the fact that a VPN is extremely secure. And it can safeguard your private information, providers can still see your activity enabling them to gather and store such information.    

As a result, many users are unsure if a VPN is truly secure enough to safeguard one’s privacy in the long run, therefore, placing their efficiency into question.

Not to worry because there are multiple different viable options available. Such as third-party security platforms, zero-trust network access, and privileged access management. Additionally, opting for a Dedicated VPN Server is the best option.

Dedicated VPN Server

A dedicated VPN server is made up of virtual private network software that placed on a virtual private server (VPS).

So in what way does this vary from the traditional VPN server? VPN servers allow multiple users to access the server at the same time. Although, none of them have access to the server’s configuration, ability to manage it, or its properties.

As a result, only the service providers can modify or make changes to the server. Therefore, the user’s private information hampered as they lack any kind of control in these aspects.

A dedicated VPN server, on the other hand, provides you with the option to have your own server, this way you can customize the server the way you see fit. Access and modify the server’s settings and properties to ensure that your information or online activity is not being tracked.

The principles underlying the technology are identical to those of a traditional VPN. The only difference is that it routes your traffic through a specific tunnel. And so, your data is always encrypted and secure. Consequently, this means that having a dedicated server adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard your data while you are constantly browsing the web.

What are the benefits of utilizing a dedicated VPN server?

There are numerous advantages to using this dedicated VPN server. First and foremost, as previously stated, you have full root access to your VPS server via SSH, allowing you to customize its settings. This ultimately enables you to examine that you are not exposing your online activity as well.

One more logical and useful advantage of such a kind of server is that it comes with a constant dedicated IP address. The traditional VPN service allows users to connect to the server using a specific IP address. Whereas, in reality, that special address accessed by multiple users.

Nonetheless, they will remain anonymous because they are basically utilizing the same IP address. It can cause issues if some of the users enter into illegal or suspicious activity, which could result in the address being temporarily or permanently blocked.

This is of course not an ideal situation for someone who has to work online, wants to browse the internet for an important task, or simply stream a web series online and this would not be possible due to the action of some other user.

And at the same time, with a dedicated IP address. You will no longer have to deal with the actions of some other user’s online activity because the IP address will be dedicated to you and you alone.

Connect as many devices as you want.

In addition, you can also connect to multiple devices you want, without any limit, which is something that traditional VPN servers may charge for. With a dedicated VPN server like this, all you need to do is log in to your server and create a new user profile. Which you can then utilize to connect to any other device.

Additionally, you can give different profiles distinct privileges and maintain them as per your requirements, making it completely ideal for medium to large-scale businesses.

Some VPN service providers offer the best-dedicated VPN servers. When it comes to their VPN services, they strive to remain as transparent as possible. As a result, they utilize only open-source VPN protocols. Along with that, they offer access to their flexible installation scripts, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining complete transparency at all times.

Moreover, some of the service providers offer anonymous. And different types of payment methods to maintain security when making a transaction.

Drawbacks of choosing dedicated VPN servers

The only disadvantage of a private VPN server lacks multiple physical locations of the server. Because the VPN service installed on a physical virtual private server. It can exist only in one place at any given moment.

This may appear to be a disadvantage if you plan to use your VPN service to obtain access to streaming media. Geo-restrictions banned. However, the main purpose of such restrictions is to safeguard your privacy at all times. What you can do is get a dedicated server that suits your needs and is physically located nearby.

Summing up

If you value your privacy but do not utilize a dedicated VPN when connecting to the internet. Your personal data and information are not as secure as you may believe. Your data also includes browsing history geo-location, multiple profiles login configurations, and possibly financial information. And so, a dedicated VPN server is an important step in protecting your sensitive data.

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