When to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server Hosting Service?


It is very important to know how busy your website is,with this I mean how much traffic does your website receive before you opt for a dedicated web hosting service. You also must be aware of limitations of your current host and the amount of resources you are using. Below are few points that would help you about resources that websites normally use:

  • Network bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that your host gives you per month.
  • A fast processor for websites that use databases and PHP.
  • Disk storage that your host allows you to use without going over the limit and asking you to pay more.
  • With a dedicated server, you can get all these and more benefits like:
  • Software installation like PHP according to your requirements
  • Running of disallowed software in shared servers like Java.
  • Streaming audio or video download offers for your customers that cannot be offered on shared servers.
  • Server improvements according to your requirements.
  • Website’s speed and availability would not be affected by anything.
  • Here are types of servers that you can use and choose your dedicated hosting server according to your needs.
  • Unmanaged Server: You only get the machine connected to the host network and the root password then it is up to you to maintain your server.
  • Managed Server: Lease of the server and entire administration is given to you. This usually enables you to think about your content.
  • Collocated Server: You need to purchase the machine and then the host will give you connection. It is only recommended to choose this if you have specific technical requirements because they are very expensive.

The cheapest options that are available are the unmanaged servers but if you are particularly new to the world of dedicated web hosting servers, you might have problems with it because the unmanaged server requires you run the entire server on your own. Most people find it hard because it needs some amount of expertise technical as well as customer service.

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