Virtual Private Network :

By | July 6, 2009

VPN is a network is a network which is formed using public wires to connect nodes i.e we can say that itis private network which makes use of public newtork,which allows you to secure your network through security and encryption policies.
It provides additional security to the network and also remote access into the enterprise.VPN is boon for the network professional and the enterprneurs. It gives the business the alternative to an expensive dedicated private connection from one office to another. many of them uses

VPN on their serves to allow employees to remotely login to the server.VPN adds an advantage to the the existing network which is File sharing, Video conferencing and many more similar network services. It doesn’t allow any new functionality that is offered by the alternative network mechanisms, however you can get these services offered in more configured , secured andefficiently managed and the most important is VPN is Cheap in most of the cases.

VPN uses the method called as tunneling , it uses the same hardware as the exsisting network (Internet/Intranet).

VP suports at least 3 modes of use:

Remote access
LAN to LAN Internetworking
Controlled access in Intranet.

Pros and cons of Virtual private network:

VPN is one of the network solution which establish Long- distance secured connections, particularly for wireless local area networking.

VPN is cost effective: It saves the money for the organisations in many aspects .It eliminates the need for Long distance Leased lines. – Many organization uses T1 lines traditionaly to office locations, VPN allows you to use the publivc network infrastructure including internet to make theseconnections and make it a private virtual network thorugh a chepaer local leased lines or may be by using Broadband connections from the nearer ISP.

Reduces long distance telephone charges: A VPN replaces the remote servers and long distance connections used commonly.Here, the client needs to connect nearer ISP which is at the low cost ascompared to the previosly used method.
Reducing support costs: It reduce the cost for the organization to maintain the network. The organisation can hire a third party servie providers.
Scalabitlity: The cost of scaling up the netwotk in the dedicated Network is much more higher as compared to the VPN.

Using VPN is also vey easy if you have the appropriate networking software and hardware support..

VPN have some Limitations too:

Although it seems to be a perfect network infrastructure there exists some limitations to it.

1. It needs a complete understanding of the security issues with the carefull installation to ensure the intended security on the public network as internet.

2. When using the internet bases VPN the performance and the reliablity is ot in the hands of theOrganization.