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Java Web Server Hosting

There have been many queries from developers who are looking for Java Hosting service for hosting their Java Applications. When hunting for such a web hosting provider,it is essential for you to include the following Standard Servlet/JSP Features. The below list should make your search  find a reliable and Affordable Web Hosting much simple. List… Read More »

Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 2

Below is the continuation of the previous article: Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 1 MS SQL It is a database management system which is a Microsoft product. MS SQL databases are offered only with Windows Web Hosting packages. MySQL MySQL is a database server.It is most commonly used with PHP.MySQL can… Read More »

Overview of Apache Tomcat

As per as the Hosting is concerned Apache Tomcat is used which implements the Java Server Pages specifications from the Java Community process and it also includes many features that make it a useful platform for developing and deploying web applications and web services. Apache Tomcat is a servlet container which is developed by the… Read More »