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Overview of Free Hosting.

You may be aware of the concept of Free Web hosting. Many people get confused with the word FREE, lets take an overview of the Free web hosting. In the hosting industry many companies do offer Free web hosting services, this is taken as the best source to host your personal home pages and to… Read More »

Is your Datacenter efficient Enough?

People generally have a question about good host, very few of the clients are really eager  to know about the Datacenter where the servers are stored. This is also very important. Lets have a look of the some of the aspects of the Datacenter: Datacenter spends a lots of amount on the hardware, license, and… Read More »

Zend Optimizer

Anyone is the world will not want their things to be kept insecure. If we say about the web applications, they are insecure too. If we spent time, money and efforts creating a web application why not a further step in protecting them. In the case of web application if you don’t secure it anybody… Read More »