Secure Web Hosting

By | October 3, 2010

If you wish to be guaranteed about the security of the data that you are hosting in your web hosting account then a secure web hosting service will be the most beneficial for your requirements. There are different measures that can be taken on servers depending on the operating system that you are using meaning that the security of individual web hosting services is likely to differ between web hosting companies. The control over the security of your web hosting account will also be more personal with dedicated forms of web hosting as you will be provided with a dedicated web hosting environment meaning that you can take whatever measures you see as necessary in order to achieve a level of security that fulfills your requirements. A secure web hosting environment is paramount if you are going to be handling the personal details, including credit card information, of your visitors and customers as if any of this data falls into the hands of hackers or spammers then you will be the one that is held responsible. If you can guarantee a secure web hosting environment then people entering their personal information into your website will be more willing to.

Hackers can gain entry to servers in a number of different ways, although the most popular is through compromised web scripts that have been developed using weak code and practices that are old and outdated. When using any scripting language to develop a dynamic website, it is important for you to make sure that you use coding techniques that are up-to-date and will produce code that cannot be compromised by hackers or malicious attackers in any way. Similarly, hackers can also gain access to a server if you have used weak passwords in any areas; it is a good idea to use passwords that are a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.

Shared web hosting services are probably the least secure web hosting services available and so if you are serious about safeguarding your data then you should be considering a form of web hosting other than shared web hosting. Shared web hosting servers tend to host a large number of people meaning that it can be hard for web hosting providers to monitor the security of individual web hosting accounts. Hackers can gain entry to servers in different ways but with a shared web hosting environment, it is likely that there is going to be at least one website hosted that is using code that can be easily compromised; if a hacker is able to find a website on a shared web hosting server that can be easily compromised then it won’t take long for them to gain access to the website’s hosting account, and depending on the server’s security they may then be able to go on to gain access to the entire server.

VPS server hosting can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment which will allow you to secure your hosting environment to a level that suits your requirements as you will be able to install any applications of your choice and can make any changes to your server that you see as appropriate. The only downside with VPS server hosting in terms of security is that you need to be sure of what you are doing so that you are able to do a professional job of securing your server, and that means ensuring that you choose the right software that you feel is going to be up to the job. Furthermore, your virtual server is going to be hosted on a physical hosting node with other VPS servers meaning that you can’t always be sure as to the level of security that is in place on either the hosting node and the other VPS servers that you are sharing the hosting node with.

Dedicated servers on the other hand provide you with a way of ensuring that no-one else can influence the security of your dedicated server as you have full use of all of the hardware resources that you are provided with. Although dedicated servers may be more expensive than VPS servers, you won’t have to worry about other users overloading the server since you have full use of the CPU that forms part of your dedicated server. Along with software alterations, you can also choose to have dedicated hardware put in place that will help to increase the level of security surrounding your dedicated server; hardware firewalls can usually do a better job at repelling attacks on your dedicated server than any software firewall will ever be able to. When securing a dedicated server it is recommended that you hire a professional to do it for you as this will guarantee you the best results once completed; if you’re inexperienced and you try to secure your own server then you may find that you do something wrong that could potentially damage your dedicated server.

When choosing security software for your server hosting service, you should make sure that you use software that you can be sure will be updated regularly and has a good track record. If you choose software that you could say is unknown then you run the risk of the software itself being a virus and at the end of the day you want be able to offer your visitors assurances if you are going to be storing their personal information on your servers.

In conclusion, secure web hosting is a recommended practice in any situation as you should be worried about the data that you are hosting under your web hosting account but if your visitors are going to be entering their personal information into your website then they will want to be guaranteed that only authorized personnel will be able to view their personal details. Although server hosting services can be secured to a level that suits you, when using shared web hosting or reseller hosting you are going to have to make do with the security settings that your web hosting provider has put in place.