Importance of Web Analytics.

By | September 10, 2009

When you create a web site that is business critical, you should be pretty keen towards the statistics of the website in the terms of the traffic. Web analytics software is the software which helps you to keep track of this. If you are able to have a look of your sites progress, you would indeed help your self in bringing more outcomes. It helps you to judge your site.

web_analyticsWeb Analytics is a study of the Visitors behavior on the website, it helps the owner of the website to understand the visitors. This helps the owner to proceed in the right way. Web analytics works on the Visitors activities, collects it, measures, and performs certain analysis on the website to determine which is the best aspect on the website. The aspects that are visited the most, and that are important to the business perspective can be enhanced and the aspects that are not at all healthy for the business can be removed.

For tracking any website, Web analytics can be used for:webanalytics

– To track the visitor behavior
– Track the bounce rate
– Track the Exit points
– Marketing efforts
– Contents effectiveness.
– Track the conversion ratio
– Watch out the obstacles of the Conversion
– Unique visitors
– Track the most liked aspect on the site.

For any site to perform this points should be studied, Web analytics software is the best to do this. Among the many available Web analytics softwares, you should chose the best software, considering your needs, take a look at the following points

Website Size: Your site may be of 200 pages or can be of 20 pages, it greatly can affect the type of software you go for. Also the  nature of the site does matters. If the site is a dynamic ecommerce site, you will require an advanced Web analytics Software which will help you a lot in getting the meaning full data regarding your visitors.

Reliability : Reliability  is the most important aspects in the third party software, there should a proper Trust maintained. When you share your critical data with the Third party software there is always a risk involved in it. Many time you provide this facility to your clients as well., some of the websites use the facility of Credit card transactions. Keeping all this in mind the choice of the Web analytics software must be done.

Cost : When you buy a licensed copy of the software, as you are a business Cost is the big concern when you buy anything. There are many free Web analytical software’s in the market, compare the paid software with the free Software with very aspects and then calculate which one is worth.

User Friendly : The web analytics software generates reports for proper study and analysis. You can use reports to test whether this software is worth your choice. So it is advised to use this facility to test the software.

Details in the report: Business to Business reports vary in details. Your business may need a Detailed report which can be evaluated and will help at the best way. The best way is to specify your needs, what type of report you will need, is the report field customizable. How much in details report you can generate? And many things, report is the blue print of the statistics , so the most important in the presentation point of view and Study aspects.

So this is really great that you can actually get to know what your Visitors are looking for? Web analytic software’s surely helps you and your business get better.