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Cloud SLA: Points to Check!

When you are shifting to cloud solutions, Cloud Service Level Agreements are very important. A service level agreement is a constituent of complete service level management (SLM) strategy and is often regarded as a key component. It bridges the gap between customer’s and organization’s expectations. It acts as a good communication driver. SLA is an… Read More »

A Look At The Entirety of Cloud Computing: The Digital Cloud

When an Information Technology specialist hears a customer mention eNlight Cloud Hosting, it certainly puts a smile on the IT expert’s face. Obviously, the customer puts a lot of stock into the IT expert’s knowledge and ability to understand their concerns. It is also the responsibility of the Information Technician to discuss the different platforms… Read More »

Cloud Computing: Facts And Truths That You Should Know

In recent months, I’ve been poking around various clouds. Along the way, I realized that they were not working the way I expected. Virtual machines are not as interchangeable or as cheap as they seem. Moving to the cloud is not as simple as it should be. In other words, anyone who has thought about… Read More »

Tips for Safely Storing Files in the Cloud

Storing in the cloud has become an interesting option to keep your saved documents. Nowadays there are numerous servers that bring this functionality, allowing not only store your files but access them anywhere. However, like any other service on the Internet, it is important to take certain precautions, so we will list some tips for… Read More »

Questionnaire for Cloud Security Requirements

Today, cloud computing is allowing companies to outsource their data processing to commercial providers, have become a popular and rapidly growing market. But the nature of such services makes customers think primarily about data security. Specialists of the Alliance for the cloud security (Cloud Security Alliance), which includes companies like eBay, Intuit, DuPont, and ING,… Read More »

Cloud Computing and Big Data – New Challenges Of Modern Data Centers

In this context, the data center is connected to a growing number of devices, and companies need to manage large amounts of information and processes. To meet this growing demand, data centers need more power and cooling. Energy demand and environmental management has become very expensive and for these reasons, administrators should prioritize their needs… Read More »

Guidelines for Selecting the Right Cloud ERP – Gartner

Due to the increasingly used and popularity of cloud-based services, most of the ERP merchants now tends to provide a cloud-based ERP; however, people are still not clear about “What exactly the Cloud ERP Means”. Many people think that the term “Cloud ERP” is same as “Software as a Service ERP”, but the truth is… Read More »

Offline Cloud Storage, A New Trend In Cloud Hosting Solutions

Offline Cloud Storage, A New Trend In Cloud Hosting Solutions: Cloud services brought a great opportunity to make online applications available at any point of time with the main devices like PC, smartphone or tablet. According to the latest survey conducted in 2012, 57% of companies consider themselves to use SaaS (Software as a Service)… Read More »