10 Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name by SEO Perspective

Those who are in business, know the importance of being online and having a website. While, creating a secure website is important to avoid disasters, choosing a proper domain holds its significance too. There are many aspects of selecting a domain, but choosing best domain names ever from the SEO point of view is vital to stay in the high competition. Here you will get to know how to select a domain name for your business or blog. Though there are several domain name generators available, it will be great if you consider those domain name suggestions if they fit your business. Check out below domain name best practices:

1: Using Your Brand Name

For search engines to rank your site, you should give them appropriate signals. Therefore, having your brand name sends a signal to the search engine to differentiate it between high and low-quality websites.

A brand name is what after all, your unique identity and hence you should register your domain name with it. Thus, it will be one of the good domain names examples.

2: Don’t Ever Use ‘Exact Match Domain’ (EMD)

By EMD, I mean a domain name which is very similar to the main key phrase of your business without hyphens; like, shoes.com, webdesigning.co.in, etc. The reason not to use EMDs is that spamming websites use such Exact Match Domains to trick the search engines as they are the same as the search query. After changes in Google’s algorithm, such sites are not listed, and even users know about them. If you use such EMDs in your domain name, then you will have the lowest CTR (Click Through Rate) for your website.

3: Don’t Use Hyphens in the Domain Name

One of the best domain name practices is not to use hyphens in the keywords. Even hyphenated keywords in the domain names are considered as spam domains. For example, interior-designing-services.co.in will not come under the best domain names list. Although, matthewthebaker.com is out of good domain names examples as using one or two keywords together can add value.

4: Pick a TLD for Trust Factor

TLD means Top Level Domain which is an extension after your domain name such as .com, .co.in, .co.uk, .uk. .in, likewise.


There are many options for choosing a TLD but choosing a trusted one like .com stands a chance to rank under best domain names list. Even though, the TLDs like .info, .us, .ws, & .biz are also beneficial, they still can’t have the effect of .com

5: The Domain Name’s Length

Of course, choosing the right length also comes under best domain name practices. Generally, a length of 15 or fewer characters is preferable. A shorter URL is easy to remember by a maximum number of people.

6: Don’t Use Numbers in Your Domain Name

Basically, search engines are going to consider anything other than letters as spam! Moreover, using numbers creates confusion in the people that they have to use numeric value or numeral spelling. As an example, if your domain is cloudnine.com, people might make it cloud9.com or vice-versa.

7: Have an Easily Indicative Domain Name

A domain name that efficiently reflects the meaning of your website and blog is obligatory. The domain name conveys what your blog or website is all about.

Indicative domain name

People should not wonder about what do you do on your website or blog; instead, the domain name should clearly highlight the business. This is one of the best domain name suggestions for selecting a proper one.

8: Have a Well Branded Domain Name

Best domain name practices also include having a well-branded domain name. An ideal one is catchy, unique, meaningful, transparent, impressive, and short. Consider the below factors:

  • How does the domain name look?
  • How does the domain name sound?
  • Does it relate to people?
  • Is it confusing or conveying hidden meaning?

After verifying these points only, choose a well-branded domain name.

9: Make Sure to Check the Search Results

After finalising your domain name, search on to find out the results. If your domain name is creating a rivalry with a vast number of powerful and popular ones, then your chances of ranking are quite far away. You can either change the chosen words or define a strategy to rank higher than the competitors.

10: Don’t Miss the Trademarks

The last but not the least aspect is checking of trademarks for your domain name. Before paying for your domain name, be very sure that it doesn’t have someone’s trademark already. In fact, you must trademark your domain name so that you avoid handling copyright issues later. This way, you can keep your competitors away from using the same brand name as yours.

Taking Final Decision

These top 10 tips will surely come handy on your question, how to choose a domain name for your blog or business. Since everything is online, it is essential to have that creativity and ability to think ahead in future so that your domain name doesn’t get very common. Also, security should not be ignored so that it takes your business way ahead!

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