What Is Cloud Computing?

The concept that is using computing resources to spread globally on the Internet, and application services that provide information services to the user, and the configuration that can be used with the computer, is cloud computing.

TCP/IP network or the Internet, often cloud is expressed as cloud computing. From here, the environment that can be used without the user being aware of the internal structure and its location of hardware resources which is “somewhere” on the Internet, software resources, data resources, referred to as “cloud computing” to style its use.

In a conventional computer network, the network route simply pass data or messages, it is a subject where individual computers perform information processing. Multiple computers in cloud computing for this grid and virtualization have been put in groups of computers that are connected in the network which becomes one huge paradigm.

If only in terms connected to the = Internet “cloud” in an appropriate way, the user get a variety of services that can be used immediately, SaaS – ASP is close to it. However, the era of ASP was processing (data center) for the specified server farm, in the cloud if the data processing is distributed, it is assumed and is considered as the reason for metaphor “cloud” around that it will use this.

Becoming a major trend involving the IT industry as a whole is known as cloud hosting solutions, various proposals have been made from IT vendors. The idea of a private cloud has also appeared in internal systems. On the other hand, the original cloud computing can also be referred as public cloud.