Why You Should Keep Your Email and Hosting Separate

A reliable and secure email is the need for all businesses around the world, regardless of their sizes. It helps keep in contact with customers on a regular basis which helps build a solid foundation that leads to them investing in your products or services. Hence, email hosting is of vital importance and you need to ensure its constant functionality or you could cause irreparable damage to your reputation. It could also send up hiring your revenue.

In several cases, you might receive as part of your web hosting plan, free of cost email boxes as well. It works well for a majority of people as it simplified the process of setting up the email address that they have chosen. Unfortunately, for the most part, a single server hosting both your email and website can be the cause of the disaster.

It was a good idea earlier with limited email options for you to choose from, you might want to host your email and website on separate servers. 

There are many issues that might crop up if you host your website and email hosted on the same server. It could also damage your business. Hence, to help your business thrive, we have assembled a list of reasons why hosting your email and website on different servers is a good idea.

1. Data migration is difficult

In case you need to alter certain things such as your hosting provider or the name of your domain, it will involve migrating your data from one place to another. It can be a tiresome process. It could include the migration of different types of things, but they are all equally taxing. Think about how much more complicated data migration is if your email is tied to it as well. An attached email will make the process of transferring your domain quite tiresome as well. Hence, hosting your email on a different server will ensure that it is still functional when you are migrating your data.

2. It will all be impacted when one is affected

The important thing with web hosting is to limit the impact of various damages from affecting any other areas. It is especially applicable to websites and emails. It goes without saying that at some point you will encounter downtime since it is the unfortunate reality of the situation. The problem that arises when you have downtime while hosting your email on the same server is that it will just be unavailable for the same duration of time as your website is not functional.

For businesses that depend heavily on email for their work to progress smoothly, not being able to access it can spell doom and cause damage that you cannot find back from. On the other hand, if your email is on another server while your website experiences downtime, you can already still have access to your emails. It provides you with a semblance of control that would otherwise be quite disastrous.

3. Bad Spam Filters

Web servers are notoriously bad at spotting and getting rid of spam emails. Hence, the possibility remains that your inbox will be full of it. When various providers offer spam Filters that are reliable, scammers up their game too and send well-written emails that pass for legitimate ones. They can also manipulate your domain name to convince you that the emails are originating from your email address. There are several measures that can be enforced by web hosting providers that could significantly reduce the number of spam emails you end up with. Unfortunately, all email hosts will not prioritize developing their spam detection Filters.

It, unfortunately, is one of the easiest ways for viruses and other malicious attacks to end up in your system. It makes your entire server vulnerable to being broken into and hacked. If your website and email are on the same server, you could, unfortunately, open the door to these viruses taking down your entire website.

Hence you could jeopardize your entire operation in one go which can be easily avoidable if you could only house your email and website on different servers.

4. Providing you with the best of support

Web hosting is an incredibly complex and complicated business. It has several aspects that you might not be familiar with. One of them can be issues with your emails that you might not always find someone to help you out with. It can be a daunting task.

When only your emails are hosted with a specific service, they provide you with the support that helps assist you in answering all the questions that you have and get your system back to finding optimality.


Various cheap web hosting services in India will provide you with a way of hosting your emails and website on the same server. However, the reasons mentioned above are a treatment to why that is a bad idea. There are several benefits that can come from hosting them on separate servers that could keep you functioning in case disaster strikes.

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