When Does a WordPress Site Require VPS Hosting?

By | October 14, 2021

Bloggers have highly preferred the Content Management System called WordPress. It is also widely used to build normal websites due to its incredible potential and flexibility. In fact, in today’s day and age, WordPress powers more than one-third of all websites on the internet.

There are specialized WordPress hosting plans you can choose from offered by web hosts that have realized this trend. You can get these at a variety of prices and types. Affordability is one of the most important factors that differentiate various kinds of web hosting along with the variety of advantages they bring to the table. A virtual private server is a good option that provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated server at an affordable cost that is a shade more than shared hosting.

What are the main advantages of VPS Hosting?

1. Scale Resources Instantly

As your website grows, so does your requirement of resources. In such cases, you need a web hosting solution that provides you with utmost scalability. VPS allows you to scale your resources safely with almost no downtime.

2. Dedicated resources

The resources of a VPS are entirely dedicated to you. Since you do not have to share them with anyone else, your productivity or speed are not hampered by someone else’s usage.

3. Secure

Since you have absolute privacy it is harder for malicious forces and malware to invade your server, which is, unfortunately, a high risk for shared hosting. Hence, you have absolute protection.

What are the disadvantages of VPS hosting?

1. Increased Cost

VPS offers you added features, so along with it comes the added cost. It is slightly higher than shared hosting, but still quite as affordable.

2. Technical Expertise Needed

VPS allows you complete control of the server which means that you need to have a basic understanding and knowledge for optimum configuration and to resolve any issues that might come up. However, this is an easily solvable problem as you can just as choose managed WordPress hosting.

When Should I Consider Upgrading to WordPress VPS Hosting?

In the majority of instances, WordPress website owners who are just starting will choose to go for shared hosting because it is the most basic, affordable option with simple management. However, your website needs will eventually surpass the resources shared hosting provides you with. VPS is the perfect upgrade for your ever-growing website.

1. Slow speed

One of the major factors users chooses WordPress VPS is the boost in performance. There are several reasons that affect performance in shared hosting which results in a slow website. It could be caused because you have to share your resources that might not leave sufficient enough for your needs. 

2. Security problems

Shared hosting houses innumerable accounts on each server which could all be a source of entry for malicious attacks on your security. If a virus or malware finds its way to even one account, every account on that server is at risk and could face dire consequences. The privacy of a VPS combats this threat from ever existing.

3. Increasing traffic levels

One of the indications of a thriving business is the growing amount of traffic. It can be extremely satisfying that the content on your website is reining people in, along with a larger payday. The more visitors that your website encounters, equates to the higher amount of resources required. If you anticipate a rise in traffic you should look into VPS hosting. You should wait till the last minute before making the leap.

4. You plan to scale your website quickly

There are certain circumstances that make opting for a VPS hosting solution from the beginning of a new website a good option, instead of choosing a shared hosting plan first and moving on to a VPS hosting plan later. If your goal is to build a website that is relatively large and encounters a lot of traffic, starting with a VPS hosting plan makes it easier to grow faster and manage things better.

5. You want to install your own software

If you have the technical knowledge that makes you confident enough to take care of your own software installation and install various apps or modules, an option that is not available with shared hosting, or you want to deal with your own setting configuration, then you might want to go for the VPS hosting plan directly instead of the shared one.

A VPS hosting plan provides you with the option of settings configuration any way you choose along with software installation. Basically, you can dictate how you want your WordPress website and your server to function since you have the majority of control.


If you are just starting your website that has a small amount of traffic that only requires basic amounts of WordPress features, then you might want to opt for the shared hosting plan. However, if your aim and needs exceed the basics, VPS proves to be a better choice. Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting are some of the alternative options available. Shared hosting and VPS hosting are closer in price than ever before, which makes VPS an even more attractive choice. Hence, VPS hosting offers various distinct features and benefits that make it the perfect fit for websites that need added resources.