What is the Difference between Cloud Storage & Cloud Backup?

Modern businesses are highly dependent on Cloud storage and Cloud backup technologies because of the benefits they provide. They have a huge variety of features that include security, collaboration, and accessibility along with acceptance. Both, cloud storage and cloud backup bring in huge advantages. It is widely assumed that the same, however, in reality, they have their distinct differences.

Let’s take a look at what cloud storage and cloud backup are and the elements that set them apart.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage, in simple words, is akin to services like Dropbox, and Google Drive, which basically function as storage sites that you have the ability to chart on your hard drive. Cloud storage allows you to save and share everything from your cloud with other individuals. Its best part is that it gives you the option of working and being able to access your files from anywhere in the whole world, regardless of the device or time.

When you’re working with Google Drive, Dropbox, or any such cloud-based services, it is a folly to assume that they will also work as backups and keep your data safe. Cloud storage does not necessarily mean cloud backup. 

You need to keep in mind that only additional storage space given by cloud storage, it not in its essence a backup option. For whatever reason the data center of your service provider breaks down, your entire data compromised and you might not even be able to get it back. Files not secure while being transferred since the server’s side encrypted.

Your files not synced or uploaded automatically between your cloud space and your computer in cloud storage. It is integral for you to have a thorough understanding of the features of cloud storage. Regardless of this, there are several benefits of cloud storage like flexibility, data security, collaboration, and access without any hassle, even if your account targeted by malicious attacks or some disaster that puts your data at risk.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup has a certain resemblance to cloud storage, as both of them deal with securing and accessing files on your device. The differences creep in when we take into account safety, disaster recovery, and storage. To get insight into cloud backup, let’s quickly refresh what a backup is. Backup is basically creating a copy of your entire database including all images, files, and documents.

It makes sure that you get access to it in case the original data gets lost or corrupted in any way. Initially, your normal computer was used to save the document copies. USB sticks were the alternate way of keeping a copy of your documents on you that carried around. 

However, in today’s day and age, cloud backup is the primary source of backup management. Data backup made more reliable and cost-effective as the whole process becomes automatic. The selected cloud backup server receives your data’s copy when you backup using the cloud.

You can easily gain access to it from various points whenever you need it. Cloud backup service is most often than not employed by cloud storage providers. The crucial thing is that your cloud must keep all of your data secure while providing you access from any place on this planet with an internet connection. 

There are several advanced backup features that some cloud providers offer such as longer version history. It aids in your attempt to get access to an earlier version of your document in case you are not happy with the changes you have made.

Cloud storage and cloud backup more often than not similar to one another, since cloud storage the present file version and all the changes that take place duplicated in your backups as well. 

What differentiates cloud storage from cloud backup?

If you’re still unsure about what differences lie between cloud storage and cloud backup, we’re here to clear it up. There are several similarities between the two but in reality, the prominent differences lie in the fact that the aims of each are different along with their sustainability.

Cloud backup is the preferred choice for strategizing data security as it makes sure that technical problems do not have lasting effects on your daily work.

When it comes to cloud storage, your workflow is its main focus. There boost in security when this process applied but that not what it meant to do. Its main purpose is to corroborate and increase team productivity. It goes without saying, but backup created when the data that created in the past saved, while cloud storage achieves this feat in real-time while you’re creating your data by working.


There are several similarities and differences between cloud storage and cloud backup. You will find cheap cloud hosting in India that will help you select the perfect option for your needs.

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