What is the cost of quality managed hosting?

While owning a website, you want the cheapest web hosting plan available in the industry regardless of how long you’ve had your website, or what size it is. Web hosting is the element of your website that influences costing the most. The server is your website’s residence and contributes the most to increasing the cost of your website. You need to have a bird’s eye view of the costs web hosting incurs. It is one of the main things to consider before you select your web host.

What is the cost of web hosting?

If you have wondered about the monthly cost of running a website, we are here to answer all of your questions. To begin with, the cost depends, but some of the most affordable plans start as low as Rs.150 per month. On the other hand, the price of dedicated hosting can go upwards of Rs. 25000.

However, if you are an owner of a small or medium-sized business, you can easily get a cheap web hosting plan in the range of Rs. 99 to Rs. 400 per month. If you’re looking for something more specific, there are various kinds of hosting you can pick from. Let’s take a look at the 5 most well-known hosting opted for by website owners.

What is the cost of cloud web hosting?

Enterprise businesses can choose cloud hosting plans that cost about Rs.2900 per month for host.co.in.

Cloud hosting is the most recent type of web hosting introduced in the market. Your website does not have to limit itself to a single shared or dedicated server, since cloud hosting allows it to access many remote servers. This enhances its scalability. You have to pay only for the resources you use, and you can add or reduce your consumption of these resources according to your needs. It is the perfect choice for your budding website that can have unpredictable needs of spikes in traffic.

What is the cost of WordPress hosting?

The price of WordPress hosting is somewhere between Rs.99 – Rs.399 per month, however, Host.co.in also has a starter plan for Rs.199 every month.

Basically, WordPress hosting careers to the security and performance needs of WordPress as it is built specifically for it. It also has various beneficial features such as installing WordPress with a single click, delivering quicker site time, and enhanced compatibility.

What is the cost of a shared hosting plan?

The price of shared hosting plans is between Rs.125 and Rs.417 per month. Windows shared hosting is the choice that most businesses opt for. It is the most basic level of web hosting that allows websites to share the resources of a single server. It is the most affordable option asking all of the web hosting solutions as you share the resources as well as the costs of a server with other users. On the other hand, the workings of the other sites could influence your own.

So if there is a spike in the traffic of a site you share your server with, it could capitalize on a lot of your shared resources, which could negatively influence the speed and loading time of your website. It could also use a threat to the security of your website.

What is the cost of VPS hosting?

If you decide to host your website with a virtual private server, it will cost you somewhere between Rs. 999 to Rs. 3399 per month.

VPS hosting is a level better than shared hosting. While in VPS hosting, your website still has to share one server, there are fewer websites allocated to it. The resources are also split up and there is a line drawn between each website. Hence, your listing speed is quicker, uptime rates are higher and you recurved more traffic volume compared to shared hosting. In case there are problems with another site on your server, the chances of it affecting you are slim to none. While cheap VPS hosting in India does come at a higher cost, it provides more security which makes it worth it.

What is the cost of dedicated hosting?

Rs. 5500 to Rs. 28000 is the estimated cost of a managed dedicated server per month. Since you have the entire server with all of its resources at your disposal, it makes this the king of hosting. You do not have to take into consideration other websites affecting your performance. It is expensive and has extensive upkeep to update and maintain your server.


The foundation of any business or brand includes website hosting. There are several website hosting choices for you to pick from. They all vary in their price range. While some are more affordable than others, you need to make a decision based on your website hosting needs.

Moreover, the anticipated growth of your website, traffic, and size are all factors that influence the cost of your website. You need to select your provider based on your audience, brand, business, and industry. Most importantly, you shouldn’t choose a cheaper web hosting plan that does not matter to all of your needs. Invest and grow.

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