What is a Dedicated Server and What are its Characteristics?

Dedicated servers provide users with several resources that are reserved only for their individual use and hosting needs. You are not required to share your resources with any other user in dedicated hosting, instead, you have complete access to all the memory, bandwidth, RAM, and all the other resources of that server. You can also scale according to your needs without worrying about anybody else.

Dedicated server hosting is the preferred choice for online businesses that encounter large amounts of traffic, host online stores that are in the money, or have applications that are crucial for business. Dedicated hosting is also a boon for large businesses that need huge amounts of resources for their daily tasks. However, dedicated server plans differ.

If you’re searching for a dedicated server provider, you need to decide the features you require and what the provider is willing to offer you. To help you figure out all the features that you might require in your dedicated hosting server, we have assembled this list. Take a look.

1. Server customisation

A dedicated hosting server allows you a lot more control of your resources as compared to various other hosting plans. Since the server is assigned to a single user barring any other users from gaining access to its resources, you can customise it to fit the requirement of your business. Hence, it gives you the flexibility to select the features you need and only pay for them. 

2. Boost in security and performance

Your website can bank on the maximum amount of uptime if you have a dedicated hosting provider. If you are just starting your business then you might want to opt for shared hosting since the amount of traffic you might encounter will be substantially less. On the other hand, if you have an established business that has a huge amount of traffic, dedicated servers are a way to go since they are more reliable and guarantee enhanced stability as compared to shared hosting. Having an entire server dedicated to your website also eliminates the risk of sharing a server with a user that could be a spammer or dangerous website. Hence it works to boost security which is of utmost importance for businesses that deal with confidential or sensitive transactions.

3. You can make OS decisions

You can choose your own operating system in a dedicated hosting plan. Your business might need a definite kind of OS to run applications like Windows or Linux. There are certain situations where you might require a legacy operating system to run your software. While deciding on the right dedicated server provider, ensure that they provide the kind of OS you require to run your business.

4. Growing traffic requires a larger amount of resources

If your website is growing at an exponential rate and is forecasted to retain its growth, a dedicated server might be a good option to opt for. The performance of your website can take a hit if it encounters a huge amount of traffic and you have a limited amount of resources available for your website on your shared server. It could cause kids in revenue to have a large number of bounce rates. You need to make the leap to dedicated hosting and its unlimited resources before your website takes a major hit. 

5. Scalability

As we discussed above, the small number of resources that are provided by other hosting plans won’t allow you to provide a large customer base and a huge amount of traffic. The scalability of dedicated hosting is a boon in these situations where scalability is a necessity. You don’t have to keep an eye on your growth. You can enhance the performance by adding dedicated hosting servers that can cater to all of your applications.

6. Readily available

Your dedicated server is protected by top-notch technology by the hosting provider. In fact, the physical servers are guarded 24/7, along with guaranteed storage connectivity and power. You receive the highest amount of uptime up to 99.95% due to the interconnected hardware. You are also not responsible for taking care of the smooth functioning of the infrastructure since your dedicated server provider takes care of it all.

7. Support

There are certain dedicated hosting providers that provide support as well. This is a vital feature of dedicated hosting servers since a large number of users host crucial computing functions, applications, and websites on the server. There are fewer persistent problems with the site when you have support readily taking care of them. If you opt for managed dedicated web hosting, you will be provided with around-the-clock support all year round. 

You can check out your service level agreement to check out the amount of support your dedicated hosting provider is willing to supply. This will also give you an idea of the kind of service you can expect that you need to take into consideration before selecting your provider. You should choose a dedicated server provider without any sort of options only if you know how to manage your server properly.


Dedicated server hosting is a necessity if your online business encounters huge amounts of traffic since it offers you a variety of features to boost the performance of your website. You get more scalability, reliability, flexibility and more control in choosing your OS and admin features. It also provides immense support that will help your business grow exponentially.

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