Top 6 Myths about Dedicated Server Hosting

When people are starting their own business, they have to walk the fine line between putting in the capital that can keep them functioning smoothly and investing so much that it ends up not being sustainable. It includes things like office area, staff, and your website.

In case your IT team is responsible to juggle these two aspects, the dedicated server is the best option for you as it proves advantageous to being an entire server exclusive to fulfill the needs of your website.

Similar to any other technology, dedicated servers are more compatible with certain requirements. However, there are several myths about dedicated hosting that need to be clarified so that you can make a decision with your eyes wide open if dedicated hosting is for you.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server hosting service is an Internet hosting option that supplies the most amount of privacy, resources, and control. Each dedicated server is entirely separate from the other. Hence, this allows you complete control over your server’s configuration without it having any impact on other users or vice versa.

Myth 1- Complete control cannot be had by a client

This is one of the most common and rampant myths about dedicated servers. It believed by many people that you do not have any control over your dedicated server. It also a widely acknowledged perception that the entire data center completely finished with any control in the hands of the clients. In reality, every user has ultimate support and complete control of all the server’s resources.

Myth 2- You need in-depth tech knowledge

It is always good to have at least some base-level understanding of the servers. However, a hosting solution shoulders the responsibility of hardware upgrades. In addition to that, managed support is at your fingertips including maintaining your operating system, updating security, and ground-level monitoring.

Myth 3- Dedicated hosting does not guarantee reliability

The mistaken belief that dedicated server hosting is rather unreliable is not at all true. In fact, reliability is one of the most important features of dedicated servers. In today’s day and age, you get the option of customizing them as well and entirely accessed and controlled by the users. Due to that, they supply top-tier support that can rival the best of another hosting.

One of the other ways reliability highlighted in dedicated servers through the segregation of resources. So not only do you get a server all to yourself, but you also get resources that belong only to you that you do not have to give to anybody else. This is vital and extremely advantageous for all businesses, particularly companies that deal with customers in real-time. In this way, there is a boost in productivity as there is easy accessibility to all of the platforms. It is a well-known fact among high-level businesses that dedicated servers are one of the most reliable web hosting options in the industry.

Myth 4- Support is not that sufficient in dedicated servers

Web hosting that is free of the cost usually has the disadvantage of terrible support. In case, your server is not functioning, bad support won’t be able to help you get it back up by getting rid of your problem. If you have a business that is ever-growing, you require support that includes a support team that has immense knowledge and experience, so that they can handle all kinds of problems in record time.

A dedicated server has the potential to fulfill all of your web hosting needs. Mostly, there are several ways you can get in touch with support, such as email, live chat, and through call. However, ticketing one of the most popular ways dedicated servers gets to know of any issues you have and end up resolving them. They’re also the assurance of any issue that you raise in the ticket to solved as quickly as possible, as an SLA usually looks over the whole system.

Myth 5- Uptime is not that important

It is extremely detrimental for your website to have a huge amount of traffic but them being down all the time, so your visitors just encounter an error code. You can also not complain if the guarantee your host has given you includes the amount of downtime you are experiencing.

Keep this in mind, if your host guarantees 98% uptime, that’s equal to half an hour downtime daily, or a little more than seven days in a whole year before you can bring your guarantee into play. 99.9%uptime, on the other hand, decreases the downtime to just 8.8 hours every year or a minute and forty-four seconds daily. Hence, the uptime that most dedicated servers provide is 99.9% which is optimum.

Myth 6- It is difficult to maintain a dedicated server

There is a common misconception that a data center that takes huge efforts in setting up will need just as much regular effort to keep it going. This myth is entirely false, as there is no need for heavy lifting on the part of the client. The main responsibilities related to the server and data center fall on the shoulders of your dedicated server hosting service, for which you have paid.


We hope that gaining a better understanding of the workings of dedicated servers and getting rid of some of the most persistent myths help you fulfill all the needs of your company. It might be clear that dedicated servers have a lot of benefits that can cater to all of your hosting requirements. It is a web hosting solution that is extremely powerful and there is a lot of safety measures involved. All of these elements contribute to making the dedicated server one of the best web hosting options in the market.

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