Precautions to take While Migrating Website to a New Host

Site migration involves important changes to the design, platform, location, structure and content of your website. The marketing point of view sheds light on the several SEO considerations and the ever-evolving social media marketing channels which lead to site migration.

Site migration takes various paths such as changing your website host or server, transferring to HTTPS from HTTP or getting a new CMS or adopting a new domain for your website altogether. While the main process of migration is basically getting your database and files copy-pasted from the old location to the new one, there are certain variations based on these objectives. There is a possibility of issues cropping up when a new hosting provider in India is assigned to your domain.

However, the advantages far outweigh any downfalls of website migration. The best part is that old links will still redirect traffic to your website, which will help keep up your sales and traffic. Since your website is already established, you don’t have to start building up its name from scratch.

Determine and prepare for any risks

When you pick a new host to migrate your new site too, several risks might crop up. You need to be able to anticipate these risks in advance and have a game plan to combat every situation. It is much harder than it looks though. Make a note of all the things that can go awry while changing your web host. These can include data loss, decrease in SEO ranking, interrupted service, etc. You should have a backup plan ready to resolve these situations in a brief amount of time. If your plan were to fail, your IT administrator should have plan B at the read

Back your data up

When your website is migrated to a new web host, you should have a backup of your entire website and all of its data. You can create a local copy of your downloaded data, or use cloud servers like OneDrive and Google to upload your data. In case disaster strikes during the migration process that lead to a loss of your data, you can easily use this backup to get your website to its former glory. A lack of backup could lead to severe consequences for your website. The added effort of creating a backup is worth it

URL redirection is crucial for SEO

One of the vital factors of SEO is URL migration. Your ranking will be adversely affected if the migration of your old URLs to the new ones does not go according to plan. In addition to this, the web crawler’s throw 404s that end up affecting the authority of your website adversely online

Migrate your domain name

It is not mandatory, but your website management will be much easier if you do transfer your domain name. You have a choice between keeping your domain name with your earlier web host or transfer it to your new web host when you move your website to a new web hosting service. If you pick the former option, you will need to change the DNS to allow your domain to remain with the previous web host while you continue with a new one. With the latter option, you need to change the registrars of your domain name to ensure your settings are the same as before. The customer support and billing will be transferred as well.

Get rid of broken lines and errors related to it

You need to ensure the safety of your data when you migrate your website to a new cheap web hosting service in India. The domain authority that has taken you years to establish needs to be guarded too during the move. Hence, you should audit your site and get rid of all the broken links and errors before you begin migrating your site, as it will downgrade your performance if broken links find their way to your new web host in India

Setup a Robots.Txt File

Migrating your website to your newly found best web hosting in India can only take place if a robots.txt file is set up. You don’t need to do this if your new web host has a similar URL.

All the redirects to your system will be blocked by the older robots.txt file, so you’ll need a separate file set up when you migrate your website to the new URL including the latest web host.


While migrating a website is a hassle, it comes with scores of advantages such as information accessing and upgraded usage. If done properly, you can hold on to the same level of reputation, SEO ranking, and branding value as you did before. There will be no losses or in rare cases a marginal issue that is negligible. Employing the precautionary measures mapped out in the article will help you safely migrate the website to the best web hosting in India.

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