7 Tips to Choose a Domain Name for Your Brand

The domain name of your company is equivalent to real estate. It’s a place where you can manage your business, or interact with your customers to help them buy the perfect products or services that fit their needs. It is also the calling card of your brand and lends authority to it. Hence it is crucial to select a domain name that is compatible with the website that you are running.

Here we have put together a comprehensive list to help you select the perfect domain name.

1. Use a .com extension

The majority of websites that you might have visited have .com as the domain extension. Alongside this, the other most common domain extensions include .net and .org. However, you do have several options that you can choose from that could include things like .abc, .co.in domain, .florist, or .steak, to name a few. You need to exercise caution when it comes to selecting unusual options as they could be perceived as unprofessional. So in case, you can use .com, you should always opt for it. In case you cannot get .com, then .co, .net or .org are perfectly good alternatives.

2. SEO

Your SEO strategy can be majorly influenced by the name you select for your company. If it is distinctive or simple enough to remember and spell, plus incorporates your targeted keywords, your search engine rankings are going to receive a handsome boost. There is research that highlights the rise in voice searches in the present as well as the near future. So you need to ensure that your domain name is easy to remember and pronounce so which is easy if it is short.

3. Ensure your trademark is authentic

You should opt for a domain name that stands out and is unique. You should not end up mixing it with another brand or website’s name, as it could end up with someone suing you for it and forcing you to surrender your domain name. So having a domain name that is even slightly similar to someone’s trademarked one is a recipe for disaster. Ensure that your domain name is unique and that it does not impede on any US trademarks.

In addition to this, if your domain name is being confused with that of some other website or brand, search engines will also face the same problems. Hence, you must do tour research and choose a name that is not very similar to some other company’s name as it could lead to irrelevant links.

4. Ensure that you can keep that mind easily

You should never forget that SEO and people telling each other about your website is the best way for your business to grow, so choose a domain name that can be remembered without any problem. You shouldn’t end up with a name that is so complicated to pronounce or remember that even if your products and services bring in customers if people ever want to recommend them to someone else, they can’t recall your name. It is better to be knowledgeable about how domain names can help you benefit you rank higher on search engines using SEO.

5. The shorter, the better

It goes without saying that the shorter the domain name the better it is all around. In case a one-word domain name is hard to pin down, which is a common problem to have, you can choose a combination of a couple of words to form your domain name. These could include famous websites such as linkedin.com, or monsterindia.com. In some rare cases, there could be a combination of 3 words such as makemytrip.com. Try avoiding the use of acronyms as it is difficult to remember.

6. Avoid hyphens

Putting in hyphens is the equivalent of inviting problems. It could decrease the readability and make it much harder to remember. There is also the possibility of people not placing hyphens in the right positions. Or they might not remember where they are placed in which case they might not be able to locate your website again. Telling someone about your website is also a task as the hyphen unnecessarily complicates the situation.

7. Ensure you have room for growth

It is recommended that you should choose your domain that includes the niche your business is related to as it clues people in on what your website caters to. However, you should look long-term too. For example, a chef that has steak as their signature dish might use the domain name of steakmaster.com. Unfortunately, if they want to later expand their menu to focus on other dishes, the domain will create a hindrance. Readers who are looking for anything other than steak will not visit your website due to your domain name.

In addition to this, once your blog grows and you decide to get a new domain name for it, it turns into a tiresome process. It could include your website ranking much lower on search engines if you don’t choose a proper domain name. Hence, you should pick a relatively neutral domain name from the beginning.


Once you settle on domain names, you should get them without losing any time. If you wait for too long, there is a possibility that some other company might register the name you wanted. Hence, there is always a need to get the domain name as fast as possible without hesitating or procrastinating.

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