WordPress makes one able to overcome the inabilities which we saw in Drupal and Joomla. Some great addition in terms of easy installation, availability of more themes and plugins, and better functionality make WordPress the most popular CMS application for both bloggers and webmasters.

The administration tasks feel very easy when performed through wordpress. A great utility of wordpress is that each page has its unique identity and is configurable with a unique title and URL. From an SEO point of view, these features encourage bloggers to go for WordPress, as each blog post can have a unique URL that is editable.

Similar to Drupal it is also supportive of web 2.0 as well as granting permission option is completely extensible. The lack of multi-site and SSL features as a standard one is known as some of the drawbacks of WordPress CMS furthermore scalability is said to be limited with WordPress.

After studying wordpress we can say that it is far ahead of the other CMSs in terms of suitability, functionality, and support for themes and plugins and this makes it the first choice for web hosting and blogging enthusiastic people.