WordPress Blog Hosting

Do you support WordPress blog hosting?

Yes, WordPress blog hosting is available on all our web servers. WordPress is an Open source Content Management System used as a blog application. WordPress can be installed on your hosting account with us as WordPress has great compatibility with all our web hosting servers. WordPress can be very easily installed using Fantastico which is available with all cPanel hosting accounts. For more information regarding the scripts included in Fantastico, you can check the Fantastico Scripts which are available within cPanel Control Panel.

Configuring WordPress should not be a problem at all as we have PHP compatibility on all our servers which would support your WordPress installation.

WordPress will provide you with a code to be added in .htaccess of your hosting account which will, in turn, enable the mod_rewrite for your hosting account ensuring that WordPress Blog functions smoothly with any errors.

WordPress is one of the most used blogging software, being used by users all around the globe. WordPress is available for free with easy installation features. WordPress provides great features that can be easily incorporated into the blog. WordPress is powered with a powerful and effective administrator panel allowing you to write posts and publish them right away easily. Different categories can be selected with a feature to upload images along with thumbnail support. Which means you can attach files in articles.

Different permission levels can be set for users. It is flexibly customizable providing you a platform to change the look of the blog content by editing the WordPress template available for installation on the blog. Many free WordPress Templates are available for download and installation. WordPress Hosting is supported by our highly experienced support staff providing support 24×7 with hosting done on blog-optimized servers to ensure optimum utilization.

WordPress provides many useful plugins, these plugins are available for download and installation over the Internet. They make WordPress more powerful useful.