Looking at creating your own website?

Host.co.in provides a variety of web hosting services tailored to individuals, businesses, and corporations. With Shared Web Hosting starting as low as INR 125 per month, there’s never been a better time to get an online web presence – whether that’s your own personal blog, website, or online e-commerce store.

Host.co.in is proud to have its own green data center in Nashik, Maharashtra as a subsidiary of ESDS. We have engineers, sales, and technical support staff working around the clock to provide uninterrupted service to our customers. Whether you contact us at 9 am in the morning or at 11 pm at night, we always have a support technician available to assist you because our staff work on alternate shift patterns to provide an uninterrupted support service.

Some of our customers have specific requirements when it comes to web hosting – some may need Windows Hosting because they may opt to use Microsoft technologies such as. NET. We recognize the importance of choice and availability when it comes to web hosting.

Do I need to opt for “Windows” Web Hosting?

Not necessarily. Our cPanel Shared Hosting packages are perfect for general hosting requirements if you do not require Windows-specific web technologies, such as. NET. Because .NET is a Microsoft technology, it is only made officially available on the Windows Hosting platform. However, Windows Hosting can still run most of the technologies that Linux-based (cPanel) web hosting can run – including PHP, MySQL, and all of your PHP-driven web applications including WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, vBulletin, and more.

cPanel Web Hosting runs on the Linux platform. Whereas Plesk-based Windows Web Hosting runs on the Windows platform. Plesk is the control panel you use with Windows Web hosting; likewise, cPanel is the control panel you use on Linux Web Hosting. The main benefit of Windows Web Hosting is that it supports the .NET framework and many developers prefer .NET over other development platforms. Plesk is a very easy to use control panel – just as easy to use as cPanel on the Linux Web Hosting platform and both control panels have essentially the same features you’d need to get things done – whether that’s e-mails, FTP accounts, MySQL/MSSQL databases, managing MSSQL databases and much more. But because MSSQL is a Microsoft technology, MSSQL databases are exclusive to the Windows Hosting platform only.

Like Windows that you run on your home computer, Windows Server (which is the server-oriented version of Windows) has a licensing fee that companies have to pay in order to run Windows Server on their hardware. And because of this licensing fee, the costs have to be handed down to the customer. In general, Windows Hosting is more expensive than Linux/cPanel Hosting because Linux and CentOS (CentOS being the operating system that runs on top of Linux) are both free and open source. Our Windows Web Hosting packages start at just INR 1609 per year and our Linux Shared Hosting packages start at just INR 1609 per year.

If you do not have any specific requirements negating the need for Windows Hosting, we’d recommend our cPanel Shared Hosting packages. If you are still unsure as to whether to choose Linux- or Windows-based web hosting, please contact our sales department. They’ll be happy to advise you on the best platform as per your requirements.