If you are not a expert of doing this then it is recommended go for posting a ticket and get it done by the support team of your web hosting services provider. But if you are keen to learn and to do the things at your own then following are the steps which are to be followed while taking back up of fantastico.

  1. Download whole backup archive of the particular application which can be found at fantasticobackups/directory.
  2. Second step involves extraction of the downloaded data on your computer.
  3. Third step involves deleting all your script’s which can be done by creation of a connection to your account with the help of FTP client.
  4. Upload all the extracted data (step 2) using FTP client.
  5. Access your databases by logging in to your cpanel account
  6. There your need to click on phpMyAdmin.
  7. If you are not aware of the scripts running your database then collect the information from configuration.php, config.php or settings.php files and make all table blank.
  8. By clicking ‘Import’ tab you need to select backup file which is in archived format and generally named as backup.sql
  9. Checkout if your site is restored or not.

Hope this short tutorial will help you to restore your back up.