7 Ideas For Your Hosting Service

Here are seven services that your web hosting company can offer to add value to your product:

Domain Registration

Although obvious, many companies still do not give prominence to register domains on their websites. Why give your customer the chance to do this somewhere else?

Backup services

Offer a off-site backup (elsewhere) as an additional data service to ensure your client, and the backup already done (if you do).

SEO and Marketing

By offering these services, you have a team of weight to your side. Since this product may acquire a bad reputation for lack of results.

Coupons / Discounts

Although not exactly lucrative, is a customer need. So a client can gift one another with a hosting account.


Why sell your product if someone can do it for you? Paying a commission to sellers, you reward the community to share the “love” for their product.

Web Design

Surely it is a service that adds value over to your host, because it’s your client’s site. It’s one of those things that everyone needs but not everyone can or have time to do.

Other Types Of Hosting Services

Besides all, there are services like VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Colocation and etc. Even plans that have fewer resources but that meet some niche, as well as a more complete and with full extra features.

Do you offer any of these or other service?