There are certain key elements that should be taken into consideration while your move your website from a current web hosting services provider to another.

  • Unlock you Authorization Code. (What is Authorization Code?)
  • Take backup of all files, emails, databases.
  • Remember all the settings you have on your old hosting account to keep them unchanged at the new web hosting services provider.
  • Checkout for all operations after you uploaded it at your new web hosting account.
  • Newly set up all your previous email accounts on your domain and make sure they all are sending and receiving email as usual.
  • After uploading your backed up data safely and checking all the operations successfully you can update your nameserver from your domain to point to ns1, ns2, ns3 and

Generally, your website and your emails are expected to start resolving in the next 24 hours, if it happens then you need not worry and you have successfully transferred your website successfully from your old web hosting provider to new one.