Maximum Scalability with Resources
This is one of the most important features and also the major reason behind making cloud hosting services different than the other hosting services. A webmaster is totally free to scale the resources as per his own requirements. Without any limitation, he can assign the amount of RAM, Bandwidth, Disk-space and other resources.
Cost Effective – You pay for what you use.
Unlike the regular payment method followed with other web hosting types, a webmaster is not entitled to pay for the resources he has not used, he just needs to bear the expenses for the resources, his website has actually utilized. So far all the costs required for all the web hosting types are concerned, cloud has proven itself to be true value for money ‘web hosting services’.
100 % Network Uptime
Before the arrival of the cloud hosting service it was just a dream for any webmaster to see his website up for all the time, which is not possible with any other web hosting type except cloud hosting. Due to availability of resources on multiple physical servers you need not to face any kind of downtime.
Data Redundancy And Back Up
Cloud technology is known for  it’s high fault-tolerance quality and for achieving data redundancy by making few copies of the data on separate server nodes. In any uncertain circumstances when any software or hardware fails, the virtual server automatically starts to fulfill the resources required to keep the website working. Webmasters are also able to reboot the virtual server manually. This ‘redundancy feature of cloud, also backs up your website’s data so that it can be made available whenever required.
Application Programming Interface (API)
After moving to Cloud technology a website can get better API to any operations needed to run over it.