The PHP development team has always been looking forward to providing products helping improve the productivity of users, and further developing their business and operations. They have always understood the loopholes experienced by users and have made the required amendments to the next product due to launch. With the same approach, the PHP development team was able to remove the bugs from the older versions of PHP and deliver a better product with the version PHP 5.1.2. PHP 5.1.2 is being provided by many Web Hosting Service Providers.

The security issues experienced in the previous versions now have been resolved and are mentioned below:

  • HTTP Response Splitting issue has been resolved in ext/session and in the header() function. Header() will no longer be used to send multiple response headers in a single call.
  • Format string vulnerability in ext/mysqli has been addressed to.
  • Possible cross-site scripting problems in certain error conditions are now resolved.

There are also feature enhancements which are mentioned below:

  • Hash extension is added to core and is enabled by default. This extension will provide support for most common hashing algorithms without reliance on 3rd party libraries.
  • XMLWriter is added and enabled by default for users.
  • New OCI8 extension has been added which includes numerous fixes.
  • PNG compression support has been added to the GD extension.
  • Added –enable-gcov configure option is available to enable C-level code coverage.
  • getNamespaces() and getDocNamespaces() methods have been added to SimpleXML extension.

The latest version also includes fixes for over 85 bug specific focuses on:

  • There are correction of the many regressions in the strtotime() function.
  • Several crashes, leaks and memory corruptions were found in the imap, pdo, gd, mysqli, mcrypt and soap extensions and have been fixed now.
  • Corrected problems with the usage of SSI and virtual() in the Apache2 SAPI has been resolved.
  • Fixes have been built for iconv and sybase_ct extensions.
  • Previously broken Sun(rise|set) functions has been now fixed.
  • SQLite libraries have been upgraded to 2.8.17 and 3.2.8
  • Win32 binaries include libxml2-2.6.22 and libxslt-1.1.15.