We provide Virtuozzo Power Panel with our VPS Hosting Packages. Virtuozzo Power Panel is considered to be one of the best and most efficient while managing VPS. The users are provided with a platform to Restart, Stop, Start, and Fast Stop the VPS as and when required. It helps users to extract information like Change Password, File Manager, Resources, System Services, System Processes, Firewall, SSH Connection, Status Changes, QoS Alerts, Action Logs, Traffic Logs, and many more. Virtuozzo Power Panel is being provided with both Linux VPS and Windows VPS Hosting Plans.

Below mentioned are the Key Features for Virtuozzo Power Panel :

  • Perform actions like Start, Stop, Restart or Fast stop on your VPS.
  • Real time monitoring of your VPS resources utilization for the CPU, disk space and disk incodes.
  • Repair your VPS if it is broken and does not boot by starting the VPS in repair mode.
  • Create back up for your VPS easily.
  • Connection via integrated SSH client or Remote Desktop Protocol to VPS
  • Tract resource shortage alerts and various VPS events by viewing the VPS actions logs
  • Extract information liek package name, CPU utilization with graphical display, System utilization with graphical
  • display, Disk usage and Network usage from VPS resources.
  • View all files on your VPS through File Manager
  • Easy Password change option is available
  • See the running application via System Services
  • Check the action log and track both running and already finished actions.
  • QoS alerts which provide you with the information when a problem occurs.