VPS : Virtual Private Servers can be considered as cheaper option for Dedicated servers. They are similar to Dedicated servers in terms of features and access level you would be having. You would be having Root access for your linux VPS and Administrative RDP access for Windows VPS Hosting packages thus you have full freedom for managing your server and can install all required applications, scripts or any addon which will be required for your website to run smoothly.

Our VPS service is fully managed at all times. We generally recommend a control panel to manage and operate the VPS if you opt for plain vps (without control panel) then you need to configure the DNS, mail accounts, user accounts and other such activities manually. Important thing to note about VPS hosting package is about physical limitations you would be having such as Diskspace, RAM, CPU allotted to your server. You need to upgrade your VPS package to next higher level if you cross allotted server resources.