This guide will explain to you how to install an SSL certificate for Plesk Control Panel.

Why use an SSL certificate?

Data is encrypted before being sent over the Internet using an SSL certificate. Only the server to which you send encrypted information may recover it. This protects the information you provide to websites from being hacked.

Let us follow the Installation Instructions:

1. Log in to Plesk Control Panel.

2. Select the “Websites & Domains” option from the left menu.

3. Select SSL/TLS Certificates.

4. Click on the “Manage” option.

5. Click on the “Add SSL/TLS Certificate”.

6. Write the name of the Certificate.

7. Now, you can Upload the Certificate files using two options. Namely,

   a) Upload the certificate files: Use this form to upload the components of a certificate as constituent files.

   b) Upload the certificate as text: Use this form to upload the components of a certificate as text. Copy the contents of a file and paste them into the corresponding field.

8. Click on Upload Certificate.

This way, you can easily install the SSL certificate for your Domain using Plesk Control Panel. But if you face any problem while doing so, get help from our expert support staff who are there for you 365 days and 24×7 a week.

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